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Hey all... Just a quick hello from a Newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Well, i'd like to congratulate all the people here on contributing to a very informative site, full of useful info. Bravo!

    This site helped me pick my first bike, the Hyosung gt250r.
    I really liked the shape of it and the idea of the 2 year warranty.

    Just hope it's as good as I hear. (I have to wait for the thing to be delivered)


    Any riders around Melbourne??
  2. Congrats on the bike, welcome to the forum and yes im in melb.
  3. Welcome Trev!

    Heaps of riders from Melb here bro! :wink:
  4. Gday and welcome

    I don't seem to recall seeing any riders around melbourne, but then I've just had a bang to the head so probably best to check with someone else to be sure.
  5. Hi lidonit, welcome to the Netrider. I too find this a great placec to find useful info (been doing a lot more reading than posting)). I'm also waiting on a Hyosung GT250R. Where are you getting yours from and have you got any news on how soon they will be available? I emailed Hyosung last week, and they reakon around about the 16th of Feb. Have you heard anything different?

  6. Welcome lidonnit, Hope to see you on the road soon.
  7. Hi Lidonnit :)
  8. heaps of riders from Melbourne, some of us have even seen the light and bought Hyosungs.

    We are taking over maybe, :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Welcome to the mad house mate!
  11. Welcome both of you :grin:

    I would normally have said "Are there riders in Melbourne? No, but there's plenty of crashers", but I just lost my scope for saying that!

    So suffice it to say, yes there are HEAPS of riders in Melbourne. Get along to Southbank for coffee on Friday night and meet the crew, you'd be most welcome, even while you still wait for the bikes....
  12. hiya lidonnit and NoRush. Welcome to Netrider !!! As Hornet said above, get along to the Friday Coffee night at Southbank, make sure you introduce yourself. See this thread for info : Melb Friday Coffee Night - Southbank
  13. Howdy lidonnit, :shock: Whats with all the new gt250r's :LOL: these bikes must be selling like hotcakes.
    Good luck with the new bike :wink:
  14. Welcome Lidonit and congrats on the GT250R. I bought a black one last week and couldnt wait to get it home. I would be riding it right now except that my brother got home from work before me and has taking it for a ride. oh well, might as well do some study since I can't be out there riding.
  15. Welcome to you both, and hope your bikes show up soon.

    I hope you both realise that yopur life is now changed forever? the weekends are not yours anymore, your wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, wotever will become lonely.

    Your lawns will be overgrown, dishes not washed, the only clothes you'll buy from now on will be useable on a bike (thank your god(s) for kevlar lined Jeans!!)

    But don't despair, for you have seen the true way of life, and us fellow riders of the true way are now your best friends.........

    What dear? yes dear, I'll take my pills now...
    No dear, the shrink doesn't want to see me for another week....
  16. im from Syney and just started riding. I bought a gt250r 2 weeks ago and its a dream to ride and is the best looking 250 . I get heaps of looks and other riders commenting on how good it looks.
  17. Hi all

    I just blew in after finding this site by accident. At the moment I'm riding an ER-5 which is a nice bike... for commuting. Nah, it's a beauty and does all I want it to do. Looking forward to checking out this seemingly nice place :)
  18. Nice?


    Welcome Gop and Chestnut, GRoberts and Hornet will be along shortly to invite you to Melb and Sydney coffee nights :p
  19. yeah they are pretty damn sweet! i reccomend putting neons on it, would look awsomee at night !!