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Hey All - from Blacktown NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by NightCrawler, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Hey All,

    I'm New to NR and cruising on a motorcycle in general. I came upon this page in search of community that assist new riders and am happy to have found the support that this site provide users. I can see a lot of value in all the NR forums for new riders like myself.

    I Just picked up a Suzuki intruder and I'm loving it. I've completed the Pre Learners, got my learners and look forward to bettering my skills by attending the Sydney Learners sessions.
  2. Welcome to the forums Nightcrawler. when you get a chance, and feel confident Saturday practice at Homebush is a good place to meet other riders.
  3. If you like crawling the night like me, come for a night ride sometime.
  4. welcome aboard :]
  5. Thanks cjvfr, - if all goes well I'll be there this weekend.
  6. sounds great, i'll keep you updated via pm :]
  7. Cheers Jeffco :)

  8. Thanks mate :)
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  9. Ummar...can't say 'Black'town anymore...it's racist...apparently?

    Aren't there calls from do-gooders (who have absolutely no association - but just take offence to it!) to change it? What's next, changing 'Coon' cheese? What about 'White King' laundry bleach - bit white supremacist isn't it?? Why don't we just ban names of colours altogether seeing as they're all so segregating?
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  10. Welcome aboard, NightCrawlerNightCrawler.

    The difference between those things is that Coon and White King names are related to their products (the cheese is made using a process developed by Edward Coon, while 'White King' is a pretty obvious name for a bleach). The name "Blacktown" originated as a reference to a school for Aboriginal children in the area.

    Anyway, the idea came from the local council as a way to honour Gough Whitlam more than anything else. I'm personally against it - too much paperwork for no result, it'd make more sense to just name a new suburb after him.
  11. eyyy welcome matey, also from blacktown. Might see you around ;)
  12. Correct. But I hear that local aboriginal elders want to keep it the way it is.

    I just think it's absolutely ridiculous that the calls are coming from overly sensitive PC do-gooders!

    Anyhoo, apologies to OP for posting off subject! Welcome aboard!
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  13. The ironic thing is Blacktown is now full of very Black Sudanese migrants and reffo's.
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  14. yeaaaa too true... im not being racist or anything, but its almost like they seen the name from somewhere and then all migrated here :/

    Dont get me wrong i went to school with quite a few of them and they are very nice people.
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  15. Nothing racist about it, simply a matter of fact. Nobody should be offended by facts, if they are then they need to remove their head from the ass
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  16. @ hyperspecs & ed_noobie - Thanks for welcoming me,
    @ Big W - lol interesting troll... pleased to meet you btw

  17. You can only be entertained by a dog chasing it's tail for so long before you have to shoo the bugger out the door for being stupid..

    Sorry to debunk the myth, but fact is, local council members proposed to have the name changed to prepare for the big boom scheduled 2016 - 2021, with immediate expansion to SMB areas (central to Blacktown RSL), major upgrades to infrastructure and remove the stigma of low - middle class communities that migrated in the late 80's (Pre Sudanese 2001 migration) Nothing to do with race or semantics more to do gentrification and council members failing to take their meds on the clock.
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  18. did i mention that i enjoy riding my motorcycle?:wacky:
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  19. what he said....