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Hey all from a newbie to netrider and bikes...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by snakegal, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone,
    Just want to say a quick hello intro and get some advice on a bike to look for.

    I'm from Melbourne, and am working in Customer Service in Wantirna. I just left Uni 6mths ago so settling into the working world of 9-5hrs which is a struggle, but can't complain about not being a poor ass. I love animals, and as my username suggests I love snakes. I just brought 2 Diamond python hatchlings, which are my gorgeous babies. Male called Winston, female called Sarah. They are my pride and joy. :grin:

    I'm also starting my own business making a natural leather conditioner. (Little business plug coming lol). It can be used on any leather (except suede or nubuck) including lounge suites, car interiors, all bike leathers (any colour), shoes, handbags etc. Also rubber, vinyl and plastic it works wonders on. Excellent for detailing your bike all over. Won't make the bike seat crack or become slippery like silicon products can. I make the conditioner myself using high quality natural waxes and oils, so it waterproofs, removes (by hiding) scuffs and scratches, conditions and softens leather so to prevent it becoming hard and cracking. Unlike animal fat based products, this conditioner will not clog the pores of the leather (preventing breathability), dull the leather, or be sticky or greasy.
    It was originally based around me coming out to detail myself, however I also sell jars. As I'm low on stock at the moment, please contact me on 0403 xxx xxx if you would like to place a reservation on a jar when my supplies are delivered. lol (business plug over)...

    I'm also, big into cars, bikes and anything that involves an adrenaline rush.

    ...enough about me and onto bikes. I haven't even got my L's yet, this Sunday is the day!! :grin: I went for my intro course last sunday and im hooked already. lol they were telling me to slow down cos I was fanging it more than the boys. I'm so hooked!

    I really like the sporty bikes, but I really don't know much. Except that I need a 250cc for a bit, I have a guy at work selling his son's Kawa gpx 250cc 1997. Been unregistered for a while. What does everyone think? Do you recommend I pay for it to come to me with R/Worthy and Rego or buy it cheaper without? My friend (girl) knows a bit about car mechanics and bikes so she may be able to help me, but I'm not sure how much she knows... Apparently it's been sitting in the garage for about a year, I'm guessing some seals may have dried up and could present problems having it not run for a while? He's not sure on prices yet atm. What would be a good price and what is expensive (for both registered and withouth R/W and rego) considering the specs and history?

    Any help for an absolute beginner would be really appreciated!

    cheers and hope to meet some of you soon on rides!


  2. C'mon be honest, it's made from snakes isn't it :LOL:. Biggest problem with a bike that's been sitting for a year will probably be the condition of the tyres and the battery so keep in mind you may need to replace both when negotiating a price.
  3. lol, poor snakies, never! Thanks for your advice, appreciate it!
  4. Welcome snakegirl :) ,Snakes are ok it's Spiders i hate :eek:hno:

    You can get a decent GPX with rego and roady for 3000-3500 so if you work around that,
    -New tyres mabye ($250-300?)
    -New Battery ($80-100)
    -Rego ($370)
    -Service, it'll need one after sitting for a year(couple of hundred)
    It's a bit vauge but hopefully you can work out an offer price from that

    Good luck with the L's :wink:
  5. Hiya snakegal - I'm a wannabe pet snake owner... haven't done it yet.

    Anyways... welcome, and regarding the leather conditioner... I read in AMCN not to use dubbin on bike leathers cause it can rot the stitching... apparently that's only if you have cotton stitching...

    I don't know what kind of stitching I have?!?!

    So question for you is, is your stuff good for any stitching??

    Good luck for Sunday :)



    ps I had a GPX250 as my 1st bike and the thing was bullet proof... can definitely recommend one. Good bike to work the learning curve out on, and when you want to wring its neck and fang around, it'll happily tool around in the 10,000-14,000 rev range.
  6. Less though if you do it yourself :). Another thing I forgot to mention is to check the fuel tank - unless the tanks been left completely full or empty then there's a chance that it may have started to rust. So when checking the bike take a torch and have a peak inside the tank through the filler cap - rust can not only cause the tank to leak but can also choke up the fuel filter/lines.
  7. welcome snakegal
    and now im going to check what u sell lol
    or make.. :grin:
  8. Thanks everyone, I'm making a nice list of things to check for now. :)

    Robsalvv, thaks for the welcome. That's exactly right, dubbin will do that to stiching. I've used my product of all types of stitching and over the course of 6years working with a product with very similar ingredients. I never saw or heard of any complaints. It is high quality product, recommended by a well known leading leather lounge designer/manufacturer (suites cost around $5,000 upward). I can't name them due to legalaties. Nevertheless, I applied my product to a friends XR8 with red stictching and stitched logo. It appeared to be a nylon stiching, and I went right over both the logo and stitching without a problem a year later.

    However I have used the conditioner on all types of my own gear, leather jackets, gloves, runners etc. I'm sure the stitching on the jacket and gloves is cotton. The conditioner is actually designed to seal in stitching, therefore preventing water seepage and rotting. The waxes form a protective barrier over the leather/stiching. So after a long winded answer, I would safely say you could use it on any stitching after experimenting with friends cars and gear, and my own. Great on the dashboard instead of other well known (silicon based) products which can crack and leave the dash slippery.

    Cheers. :wink:

  9. greetings!!! Always good to see another female join the ranks of Netrider.
  10. Now thats an introduction!
    Welcome to netrider and the world of bikes... good luck for your testing this sunday!

  11. Snake gal, welcome to the forum and the biking life style.
    it's all upside from now :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Welcome and I believe our celebrity user Tara Moss has pet snakes - I recall reading about her feeding them frozen rats :shock: :shock:
  13. A girl! :dance: Exciting cause we don't get them as often. Welcome Melissa. :)
  14. Welcome to funny farm :) I think you will enjoy it here, lots of fun. I have a Kawasaki, and it runs like a dream, good engeneering in them. However many other manufactures are just as good. See what takes you fancy.
  15. Welcome Melissa
    Hope you enjoy your time here. :)
  16. Hi Melissa, My son in law is called Winston, he isn't one of yours by any chance? :wink:
    Welcome along
  17. Welcome Snakegal!

    Cool pets! would like to meet them some day!
    Good luck with your bike hunting!
  18. Welcome Snakegal Melissa..

    Hope to see you at some of the events such as coffee till your on two wheels

  19. Mel... welcome to the boards..... and hopefully to the wonderful world of Kwaka ownership. and goodluck with your L's on Sunday,