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Hey all. Back on two wheels after a 15 year hiatus.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dabsta, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. G'Day everyone,

    I started out my motorised transport life 22 years ago as a 9 year old burning around on a fantastic little Suzuki DS80. I progressed to various larger 2 and 4 stroke bikes in subsequent years, but, like a lot of us, once I was able to go for my car license I unfortunately turned my back on motorbikes and got heavily into the modified car scene. 15 years after this occurred the desire to get back onto 2 wheels was overwhelming and as of a couple of weeks ago I'm the proud owner of a 2011 Honda CB400. Although I'm booked in to do my training next Monday & Tuesday, I'm lucky enough to have a 300 metre driveway at my place, so checking the mail certainly isn't boring! Looking forward to getting out on the open road!

  2. Welcome to NR!

    That's fantastic to hear that you're back in the two wheeled crew mate! What sort of cars were you into modifying?

    Hope to see you on the road and in a few rides soon!
  3. Thanks Krollinator!

    Yeah I'm really excited to be back on two wheels. I started out playing around with Japanese performance cars and built up a couple of track and hill climb machines, then moved on to the Europeans. Currently the four wheeled transport is an Audi Avant, with many, many mods.
  4. Love the Japs work, but you can't go past europeans. They've just got a certain class too it that the Japs don't meet - in my books.

    Were you more a silvia or a skyline boy? ;)

    Got any pictures of your audi mate? I know this is a bike forum, but I'm a bit of a car enthusiast (starting to be, too young and too poor to do it properly yet :p)
  5. Welcome (back) :)
  6. Japanese stuff is obviously appealing to young guys, you can pick up something very quick for next to nothing, especially these days. Both my Japanese cars were Mitsubishi's actually. My first was a 95 Lancer coupe, I bought a half cut from Japan, a 130kw 1.6l Mivec donk that reved to 8300 which was my daily drive. I also had an Evo III that I stripped, caged and mildly modded which I used as a track car.

    Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules by having this link, my Audi.

  7. Thanks heaps Hornet, great to be back!
  8. Ah excellent! My first is... A van. lol.

    That's a very nice looking Audi mate. You should be proud! I'd be interested to hear more about your audi, but I doubt I would understand much of it. Hahaha.

    Do you have much of a mechanical background or was it pretty much self-taught? Sorry for all the questions! I just like to pick peoples' brains to learn... Hopefully I'm not scaring you off :p
  9. you haven't posted where you live

    we've got several Learner days in the major cities, so you should head along to one of them
  10. Nothing wrong with a van!

    Thanks for the kind words re the Audi. Most aspects have been modified, motor, suspension, brakes etc, I can give you a full run down if you really want!
    I've got to admit that with the Audi I haven't done any of the work, I was lucky enough to find one for sale a few years ago with all the best already on it. With the Mitsubishi's it was just a case of trial and error over 10 years, with plenty of muck-ups and a lot of learning along the way!
  11. Sorry, I'm in Tassie. I've got my DECA training coming up on Monday & Tuesday, not long to go now...
  12. My little speed demon is cured (slightly) by my bike, so a van does the job as a cage. :p I've got the good sound system and central locking (installed myself! :D) and yeah, she's good on fuel. Not to mention the bike fits in the back!

    I hope to do that man. Find a car (or bike) that I can pull apart and just learn when I've got the room (or move out of home and have enough room in my living room).

    If you don't mind me asking - and feel free not to answer - but how much did you pick that audi up for? I certainly like the look of an audi!
  13. I've got a few mates that have vans so they can haul their bikes, they're perfect for it.

    It was great fun getting a group of like minded friends together, pooling knowledge and ideas, pulling things apart and putting them back together, it's the best way to learn.

    I picked up the Audi for mid 40k, which was a steal compared to what it was worth then (3 1/2 years ago).
  14. Yeah dude, for sure! And I think that will come with time!

    I think that's made me like audi's a little bit less... :p
  15. Work hard, save hard, it'll all be worth it:)
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  16. Welcome to NR :)

    Enjoy the CB400. Great little bike.
  17. Thanks minglis!
  18. Just goes to show, once bitten by the bike bug, it's always there.
    Welcome back,

  19. Couldn't agree more, thanks Cam.
  20. Welcome to NR and welcome back to riding.