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Hey all, back again,

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cruisin4abruisin, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, back again, I have canned my Facebook profile, so I have had to restart fresh. So for those that missed me before, here it is.
    I grew up learning to ride on a Yamaha MX 100, graduated to a Yamaha AG 200 when I landed my first job. Am about to buy my second bike, but my first that will actually be on the road!

  2. Welcome back :]
  3. Welcome back... you need to purge Facebook every so often.. :)
  4. Too true, and thanks!
  5. JayteeJaytee, still of it, and not missing it either really not many of my mates are motorcyclists and just dont get the passion.
  6. Welcome back to the Net
  7. Thanks-bought my bike yesterday. Pick up in a couple of weeks.
  8. You can't leave us hanging like that, what did you get? Are pictures coming too?
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  9. :sneaky:
    Hey I am a drifter, its what I do! :D
    I bought a 2012 BMW GS 650 Sertao.
    11,000 KMs, with new rear tyre, panniers and top box.

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  10. North eastern Victoria, Benalla area. What about yourself?
  11. I'm at Kilsyth, eastern Melbourne, gateway to Yarra Valley and the Dandenongs.
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  12. Noice. Good riding through that way.