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Hey all, another one from SYD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Chriso, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Hey guys n girls.

    Im Chris 22 from Manly nsw.

    I just got a CBR 250 RR 98 model about 2 weeks abo and have have my L's for about 4 weeks. :grin:

    Im always out ridin to palm beach or where ever n im lookin for a few others to go with.

    If anyone else from here live around the nth beachs syd and are keen to meet up just let me know pm me or what ever. Here is a pic of my ride

  2. Hi Welcome

    Nice toy, enjoy
  3. g'day mate. welcome to the forum. make sure you check the ride events for nsw for dinners and rides..
  4. thats a noice lookin' boike you got there.
    welcome :ccol:
  5. Welcome Chris, nice to have yet another NSW rider on board :grin:
  6. good choice of bike :)
  7. Welcome chris...nice bike
  8. Thanx guys for ur coments. Hope to meet some of u soon.
  9. Welcome chriso. We will meet with you soon.
  10. Ha ha... Love the bike! You should get a pink jacket too (like me) ;)\:D/
  11. mmm palm beach, thats a nice ride.

    welcome chris. c u at the piss ups.
  12. Welcome Chris - nice colours, nice bike