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Hey about this Hornet guy...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by thewolf, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Sorry I have to ask,

    I see this Hornet guy on the forums and with lots of posts, greeting newbies, giving lots of good advice etc...

    I just wonder, when does he get time to ride a bike???

    The (even more curious) Wolf :angel:
  2. yes he does :) Try nearly 100,000 kms in 5 years on the current bike, or, how about 1228kms in a day trip back in September a couple of years ago??

    (actually the secret is in my sig :wink: :LOL:)
  3. 1200km on a day trip???

    I'm just trying to imagine spending that long enough to travel that far on a day trip. Driven Melbourne-Syd, Melb->Adelaide, and I wouldn't be describing them as day trips.

    My neighbor (the one with the other 250 Ninja) says he has numb butt problems after only an hour or so, and my more experienced friend I know has also commented about how runs to Horsham leaves him tired.

    And while I suspect I will have slightly more endurance with my 'well padded' body on my bike, but still, eep! I am guessing this falls under the category, with a lot of experience you too will be riding 1000+ kms in a day.

    The Wolf

    *mutters under his breath* 1200kms day trip sheesh these bike riding guys are crazy. Nice but crazy.
  4. That sort of ride isn't for everyone, I wasn't suggesting that. But it can be done, with sufficient experience and building up of riding stamina. Travelling that sort of distance (or even half that) on a bike, is completely differnt to travelling the same distance in a car; there's an extra set of physical, mental and logistical disciplines involved.

    But you can have as much fun riding to Aunty Flo's for dinner, across two suburbs, as you will surely find out :).
  5. He's mastered how to post telepathically whilst riding a bike. Its a valueable life skill.

  6. Read his sig, it's true!!
  7. I can attest to seeing him out on his bike regularly making us young'uns and not so young'uns seem like snails heading up that mac pass
  8. Alter your bike a bit for the long trips,
    Sheepskin for your butt, Maybe higher handle bars, wider seat, Your bike must be comfortable for the long runs,
    Sydney and Adelaide are 10 hour runs,
    Brisbane is 17 hours, all within speed limits,
    Just constant riding gets you there,
    Go on an all day Saturday ride, that will get you bike fit for the longer runs,.
    Hornet is actually a good bloke, for a N.S.Welshman, Hahahaha I met him at Jindy. Carrys his computer with him.
  9. dont give him an even bigger head than it is
  10. Impossible...:)
  11. Well, he did take a netbook with him when we went to Jindabyne earlier this year.

    I believe his reasoning was "Because I can". Aint that right Hornet?
  12. :LOL: I did! Unfortunately the hotel's wireless connection was particularly wussie, and I could only log on if I was sitting in the dining room, and the couple of times I did a grumpy cleaner shooed me away.

    {I should add, however, that if the weather's ok tomorrow, I hope to be somewhere on the Putty Road scaring lyrebirds :LOL:)