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Hey ^_^ from Inflict

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by inflict, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Hey Every1, first of all i am new to motorbike riding. im 21. its abit hard for me because i dont have any real life friends that ride aswell, so this site helps me alot with learning and riding tips, thanks to all the people with the helpful posts.
    got my R-date license last month. pretty funny i was told by my mum to get my motorbike license so i can ride a bike in thailand, which ill be leaving on monday for a month. i never thought about riding a bike but as soon as i got into it, its become a passion for me
    i ride a honda cb250 i know its not the best, i enjoy it, but feel very ashamed when i roll up next to harley or a cbr or something lol is that bad? and yer saving for a 600. my question is when i get the rest of the cash for the 600 should i buy one even though im on a restricted license? i guess thats my choice huh?
    well thanks for reading, see you on the road in SA ^_*

  2. Hey Jazza

    I understand how you feel, when I first started riding I had one mate who rode bikes - but just hired them didnt actually own one - and that made it hard to try and learn stuff. I was introduced to netrider and the wealth of help and advice you get here is great... :grin:

    Dont worry about being slightly ashamed of your first bike...anything that helps you learn and gets you on the road has gotta be a good thing.. :grin:

    Regarding going for a bigger bike than you should while on restrictions...if ya do a search you'll get most peoples advice, from what I can gather the insurance risks arent worth it - and to be honest the time will pass by quickly enough before you can legally upgrade...but thats just my 2cents...

    Enjoy Thailand...
  3. G'day, welcome and enjoy :)
  4. Anyone that looks down on you because of what you ride isn't worth talking to anyway... that sort of view happens not just with harley riders or cafe racing ducati riders but to be honest with all sorts of wanker bike riders.

    Thankfully that sort of attitude is in the minority and most riders are great!

    Don't be ashamed of riding a CB250 they are one of the best selling bikes ever, I had one at one point myself :)
  5. *double post time out*
  6. +1 saved me typing - the 250 is a stage you go thru, personally i like the opportunity to start on something a little easier/lighter, makes the anticipation of moving up sweeter and hopefully my skills better honed. You've gotta work harder at some things on a 250 and they will carry you well when you upgrade.
  7. thanks for all the welcome guys, good to know theres a majority group of riders . im sure ill get loads of info. yer im pretty happy with what im riding, i rode in the Adelaide Hills Today pretty good experience.
  8. Welcome Jazza. Enjoy your stay.
  9. Welcome JazzA :grin:
  10. If you're happy putting around on the cibby, stick with it.
    at least you didn't buy a Hyosung :p :grin:

    Welcome to the forums it's friendly most of the time.