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Hew Exhaust Help - Ninja 250

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by FiremanSam762, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Ahoy hoy all!

    So, mah little 2009 Ninja 250R is plodding along fantastically, but I think now is a good time to throw that exhaust system on it that I wanted.

    Plan was to fit a Yoshi full system (TRC) and a Stage 2 Jet Kit + Dyno . I spoke to Peter Stevens in relation to getting a quote and this is what I was told...

    Fitting (labor): $735.95
    Yoshi TRC Full system: $687.20
    Stage 1 Jet Kit: $110.45 (APPARENTLY they don't make a Stage 2 Jet Kit)

    This gives a total cost: $1,533.60

    Was wondering if anyone could suggest a place that does it cheaper/better in Melburne (Eastern Suburbs)?

    Also, for those that are playing with these bikes, does it matter if its a Stage 1 or 2 jet kit and is it worth going with a full system over a straight slip-on muffler?

    Kind Regards,
  2. That's a crazy amount to spend on a ninja 250!

    Personally I would just get the slip on (fitting of a slip on should be <$100 easy!) as I have been told by many that have got full systems and dyno jet kits that while it does make a difference it really isn't worth it, unless your looking at having the bike long term.

    Also maybe look online for the exhaust, biohazardcycles are pretty good for ninja 250r exhausts and cheap!
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  3. Yeah, I'm thinking similar. Not sure what the go is with fitting a slip-on myself but I'm willing to give it a go! (with step by step instructions, that is....)

  4. Why waste so much money on what is a slow LAMS bike that you wont be keeping for long? The gains are simply not there to be made and why put bic name, big price tag items on a cheap little bike :-s
    Get yourself a Dan Moto slip on (don't forget the insert, sounds better), undo a few bolts, slide it on and do up those same few bolts. Then take it in for a rejet.
    Dan Moto slip on $120ish delievered, Jet kit and tune $350ish. So for under $500 you get a bike which can be heard and does perform that little bit better than stock.
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  5. As others have said, just put a slip-on on the bike and save the money and if needed, put a full system on a bigger bike. Much bigger HP benefits and you'll keep a non-lams bike longer than you would a LAMS model.

    Also remember that when you sell the bike, either you or the new buyer will have to put the OEM system back on to pass for a RWC.

  6. You could buy another bike for that much. Seriously.
  7. My thoughts exactly, MV.
    At that price I'd just buy a wrecked one with a decent motor, then fab up a bracket to mount both motors side-by-side.
    It'll look a bit like a BMW then, I reckon, be more original and DOUBLE the HP!
  8. A slip on for a ninja 250R nets no hp gain alone. The hp gain is in changing the header pipe including the deletion of the CAT. A full system like AreaP, yoshi, two bros etc will give 4-5 rwhp, not that jetting is required (although suggested) for a full system will give another 2 rwhp gain on top.

    Pretty much all exhaust systems on a 250R sound obnoxious IMO, although the AreaP sounds ok, as it has a quieter core.

    PS labour charge is excessive, changing the exhaust is not very difficult, although doing the needles, shims (jetting kit) is something I wouldnt tackle myself unless you're mechanically inclined.

    If you really want to spend 1.5k on seeing actual performance improvements, that money will get you X2 rider training days and stickier set of rubber.
  9. It may not gain any net power, but slip on with rejetting certainly does improve it's power delivery, what little it does have. I noticed the difference from 6k round the clock to 12k, it doesn't feel as lazy as before.
  10. as said above, [depends on how long youre keeing the 250 too] I'd save my money for the upgrade bike!!
  11. full system, no cat = no road legal, no insurance, big fine
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  12. Thanks muchly for the advice guys, slip-on is on its way! =D
  13. Sorry but a Ninja 250 with a slip-on (especially the Yoshi) sounds like a wet fart amplified in a toilet bowl.

    [strike]The amount of money you're talking about of crazy to spend on a 250 LAMS bike. You won't see much of a gain (if any) on the resale when you finally get around to upgrading.[/strike]
  14. Yeah, I went with a cheap Two Brothers slip-on exhaust (paid mates rates for it). Whilst it might sound like a wet fart in a toilet bowl, its current exhaust makes it sound like a cheap and nasty hedge trimmer with a bad case of indigestion and an a craving for pizza on Sunday afternoons after some serious and significant shrubbery-clearing... 8-[