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He's only sorry because...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. ...he got caught.


    Frankly, I'm getting totally hacked off with all these high profile jerks getting caught doing the wrong thing (footballers, Tiger Woods, cricketers, etc, etc...) and then bleating about how sorry they are.

    They're only sorry that they got CAUGHT; they're not sorry for doing whatever it was. If they WERE truly sorry, they wouldn't have done it to start with.

  2. you can't say that mate... many people do something wrong and then feel genuinely sorry for it... even without being caught - it's called remorse & guilt. You can't say if they felt sorry they wouldn't have done it... sometimes we all do silly things we later regret, these guys just get it splashed on the media we have the luxury of anonymity when we mess up
  3. Actually, I CAN say it, and I did.
  4. lol well I guess literally you CAN say it, metaphorically you can't say as fact that is how it is for everyone like you implied
  5. actually...you both make good points.

    though, being high profile and apologizing has, too, worn thin on me, as well.

    deny, deny, deny, than apologizing is what i really, really loathe!
  6. All I can say is he is a funny ****. Maybe he was hungry...

    He did a similar thing a few years back against England where he was tampering the pitch with the studs of his boots where as he was running across the pitch he did a quick 360 on the pitch to dislodge some dirt. Then he was suspended for 1 test and 2 odis.
  7. I think it's one thing to admit up front that you have made an error in your judgement.

    However, I agree, in most cases, it's when they have been caught out that most people "own up" to the fact. Which sortta points to the fact that if they did not get caught, they would not have owned up.
  8. would you own up to something bad you did like that?

    I couldn't say 100% that I would feel bad about what I did, but depending on the crime I wouldn't always own up... especially cheating on your wife lol - that's just crazy!
  9. Cheating on your wife is a victim-less crime... but think of all those poor cricket balls getting bitten.:angel:
  10. He should have blamed his mum
  11. Never bite balls.
  12. Hi there.

    Ever been pulled over for speeding safely?...

    (everyone sees where I'm going with this, right?)
  13. ... this is one occassion where you DO bite balls?? :-k
  14. Not for the poor woman sleeping with me... nor me when my wife finds out lol
  15. If by "speeding" you mean "exceeding the so-called 'speed limit'", then yes, every time. Nothing to be sorry about there (except for the fine)... um, where were you going with that?

  16. I've never been caught and I'm not owning up, but I do feel sorry so nyaaah :p
  17. Cricket isn't the only place where ball tampering happens.
  18. Joel, what happens at the Mogo Pub, Stays at the Pub. ok
  19. We all do: but we're not sorry about :arrow: until we are caught.

    'Double standard yadda yadda yadda'
  20. I don't see how that is a double standard.