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He's lucky he didnt kill someone driving that fast

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Yep, they should all hand in their licenses. That's if they actually believe what they tell us...

    Wonder where the soldier ant who pinged him will end up?
  2. Ooooh, 10 kays over, yep royal commission needed. Task force set up to investigate, minister quits.

    I love australia. Well i do really but you have to shake your head when this gets in the news. Tall poppy at it's best...
  3. I could understand being on Today Tonight or Nine news but ABC? A bit shameful.
  4. Man, part of me wants to buy the cop that booked him a beer.
  5. Funny when they do get caught its the same excuse every time
  6. think of the kittens.........
  7. shit he is lucky he didn't go back in time driving that fast......

    So did he actually look up and at the road for a second and not his speedo and got pinged...

    SUCK A FAT ONE I say........OH and for the beige brigade - If you dont speed you wont get caught....LMFAO
  8. And it's just not good enough - we need to get tough on speed, before somebody gets killed.
  9. so hes been caught before... sack him, pot kettle anyone?

    harden up on speed blah blah, but its okay for him to speed.
  10. I have to say the lapse in concentration excuse is the worst. If he really wasn't concentrating he should be charged with reckless driving.
  11. They need to change that slogan too, "unless your a police officer or TAC employee"
  12. Think that needs a new topic. But the most f'd up thing about that is why aren't overdoses code 1?? Are drug users lesser people?
  13. The speed camera at Kangaroo Point is one of Brisbane's very few fixed speed cameras. There's also at least two sets of massive signs leading up to it, and white distance lines painted on the ground. Also, it's been there since 2007. It's not like its hidden.
  14. My shop is next door to a metho clinic. The amount of druggies that have broken my windows, stolen stuff, spat at me, abused customers.........the list goes on the answer is yes. Drug addicts are ****ed up people.
  15. True many are ****ed up people, but do they really deserve slower ambulances to life threatening situations then the rest of us?

    "sorry we couldnt save your daughters life but she happened to OD during school zone times"
  16. or......sorry your 12 year old daughter got kill by an ambo in a school zone but we were rushing a junkie to hospital who'd OD'd.
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  17. dont get me wrong I know drug users are human and we all deserve equal respect no matter what floors we have as people, but jesus some days they really piss me off.