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He's got to be kidding...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Drew, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. :LOL: at not much to fix.
  2. suppose your *could* wheelie everywhere!!!

    also found another GPX for 2,500 RWC ride away with performance exhaust etc 51K on the clock.

    hope more like these are around in about March/April (expected time bank account will accomodate a bike purchase)
  3. :shock: :shock: :shock: Got to give it to him for trying
  4. if you had the front end of another might be worth a fix up....

    i'd like to know what he hit to rip the hub out of the wheel like that!!
  5. Offer him $1500 for it and give him your number. Thats about what a wrecker would pay for it.

    Then just wait.
  6. i possibly wouls except...

    no way to get bike back to my place,

    have no idea on parts needed (front wheel and discs at least)......... i'm sure netrider users may be able to help a bit though

    don't have the $1500
  7. Must be some fancy new "spokeless" front wheel he's running there - not much to fix :LOL:.
  8. holographic ya reckon??
  9. Nah I reckon it's using magnets :LOL:

  10. and bloody good ones too!!!
  11. what am I missing here - the bike looks fine ?????
  12. I think that link goes elsewhere now : here's the description of the bike that comes up when I click on it:

    Price $4,499*
    Kilometres 30,101
    Body CYCLE
    Colour RED/WHITE
    Transmission 6 speed M
    Engine 4 cylinder Standard ( 249 cc)
    Rego AT996 (Exp: 10 2005)
    Engine No. 035299
    Brief Comments Please phone for enquires,Open 7 days, Freight available anywhere in Australia
  13. Haha, and now it shows a YAMAHA FZR250 (GREY IMPORT)