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Herro All - From Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by honeybee, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Been reading netrider for a while before I decided to get my license and decided to join :)

    I've only just got my L's for 3 weeks and managed to borrow a friends bike for 1 week. Currently in the process of buying the rest of my gear and bike :D

    Just a quick hi to everyone out there! :woot:
  2. Welcome to NR
  3. Good onya, and welcome.
  4. Hello, are you an apiarist?
  5. Welcome to NR, honeybee. What kind of bike are you looking?
  6. Welcome, we need all the honey we can get here sometimes :LOL:
  7. Oh herro...wercome to NR honeybee.

    Have fun bike and gear shopping :), it is most fun, until the credit bills come through.
  8. Welcome to N.R. H.B. (y) It's perfect weather for riding at the moment (eh.. any moment in time is perfect for riding - what was I thinking :))

    Hope to see you posting in the new rides section soon!
  9. Welcome and enjoy the wacky world of NR :)....where in Sydney are you from?
  10. Welcome to NR Honeybee, enjoy the ride.
  11. Thanks guys :)

    [MENTION=37967]Mcsenna[/MENTION] actually had to google what an apiarist was lol, so no I'm not

    [MENTION=38555]BOB88R[/MENTION] at the moment 250 Ninjas and CBR250s, not sure what other 250cc decent learner sport bikes I can choose from?

    [MENTION=32481]AznCruiser[/MENTION] South-West Sydney, around Liverpool
  12. eh take my zzr250 for $1,500 - it'd get my woman off my ass about owning 3 bikes....i'm far too addicted to my zxr250 to bother with the zzr of the moment
  13. o0o0o0o it quote's the post tags too? BET YOU GUYS THOUGHT YOU WERE IMPORTANT HUH