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Heroes Season finaly

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Zbike, May 9, 2007.

  1. some arsehole is blatently breaking the law by posting the latest heroes episode here.


    On noes its happened again heroes 22 this time there are 2 criminals

    some weird forum

    Season finaly
  2. That ar$ehole!
  3. Nice find! I downloaded it around 3pm yesterday.

    I can check what torrents are available from work, but i can't download them here. Once it was available i connected to my laptop at home and downloaded it from there.
  4. yeah but i cant wait for my torrents to finsh.
    Quality is very good for a stream
  5. sweeeEEEEEeeet! :grin:
  6. Didn't realise 19 had even gone to torrent yet. Coolio.
  7. God damn motherf*cker what an AWESOME show!

    I mean what a f*cking AWESOME show!



    /a bit excited
  8. ending was cool,
  9. So for some reason my mate reckons Kensei is Hiro's dad because they look similar...i said thats impossible since the story of Kensei goes that he cut out his own heart...but then again, he could of made up that up to fake his own death so he could travel to the future.

    ***Possible Spoiler***

    And why isnt Sylar dead? I want a new bad guy!!! Maybe they'll be a new one cos Molly mentioned that theres someone else besides Sylar that is a "boogie man" too.
  10. I think the implication is that Hiro is descended from Kensei's line.