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Hero in a cage

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Pist-N-Broke, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. I was on the western highway on my 900 Hornet, doing 100k, minding my own business, and did a guage and mirror check. Noticed this cager behind me way too close for the speed I was going. I let it go for four or five K's, with plenty of oportunities for him to pass, but when I did another mirror check I looked around and estimated he was only a second away from my rear wheel. So I used a finger on the brake lever and flashed my brake lights to let him know he was way too close. I didn't slow down, just flashed the brakes.
    So what does this guy do, he gets even closer to my rear wheel. How close... less than a car length at 100k. So what can I do, crack the throttle, and leave him for dead, only to invite him to drag race me, or slow down and let this nut pass.
    So I gently roll off the throttle, and gently slow from 100, down to 80 over about a klick. Does he pass? No, he stays glued to my arse. Now I'm getting a little scared that this lunatic wants to use his car as a weapon to intimidate me, and threaten my safety. So I slow down gently to 70 klicks, on the highway, in case he knocks me down I'm not going to slide very far.
    This hero in his safety cage pulls out to pass me, and passes me so close that I could have stuck my knee out, and hit his passenger side door. Then he pulls back in front of me, only two or three meters in front, and then slams his brakes on! Because I knew from his previous performance he's insane, I'm ready, and thanks to already covering the brakes I brake real hard, hard enough to have the rear weaving around. I avoid hitting his rear bumper by 2 meters. Only through my heavy braking. I'm sure he deliberately meant to make me crash on the highway.
    At this point I'm seeing a homicidal color of red, and think of following this guy and doing serious violence to him...
    But I think, no, I'm better than that, so I'll do the right thing, and I let him drive off in to the distance, as the further I am away from him the better off I am. But I'm resolute that I'm reporting him to the police. So at Beaufort I stop at the local police, none there, so I call 000 and make a complaint and tell them I am more than happy to make a statement about this nut case cager. I haven't heard back from them yet... but I won't let it pass.

  2. Sounds like a wanker, or someone who wants quick money for an insurance job...not sure how that would work if you could possibly die and the driver charged possibly charged for "racing".

    That's why I bought myself a $250ish wireless digital recorder for my short trips...all traffic is noted to and from locations :D and the recorder works well in spotting number plates about 2 or so metres.

    Anyways, good to hear that you kept your cool, didn't do anything stupid and reported the driver. Remember, riders end up second best in any situation with drivers =D so thumbs up to you for being smarter then the driver ;)

    phong =P~
  3. Goodonya mate. Stick it up him!
  4. good call with the cops but dont get dissapointed if they say "we cant do anything" cause thats what will probably happen (will be your word against his) as u have no witness

    +1 on camera
  5. Id love to get a camera and record my rides, but it would also be recording all the lane splitting, speeding, footpath short cuts, near misses, hits and my parking habits.
  6. Well done for keeping your cool at the end. It's so hard not to act violently in situations like that because morons in cages who act like that pretty much deserve a brick through their window. But in the end you stayed alive and were by far the better man.
  7. That's what editing software is for mate. :)
  8. Candid camera

    I did think of that at the time, how good it would have been to have had a vid camera (I also was wishing I had my 357 Magnum revolver with me as well!). I might actually get one, and stick a huge SD memory card in it, and record all my rides (and think of getting a cross draw shoulder holster!). :)
  9. thanks for sharingyour story.

    there are so many wankers on the road - I hear you regarding the magnum, but you'd be out of ammo pretty quick :)
  10. Well done mate. good avoidance. would it have been possible to swerve into the next lane and overtake him as he slammed his brakes on?
  11. That may cause the driver to enjoy his taunt by playing cat and mouse. As soon as he overtakes him, he would have probably given chase.

    Also Zealt...what Judge Geoffrey said :p

    phong =P~
  12. Sounds like NSW police behaviour.
  13. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    :roll: to bad its true...
  14. Awesome job not losing ur cool!! Reading that post made me think of alot of NT drivers. Especially the road trains. Always bring a spare pair of jocks on every trip LOL. I am sure u can edit out the curb humping, parking prowess and other riding faux pas?

    Go the camera!!
  15. Obviously the guy is a twit but there are some very easy ways to avoid road rage like that..

    #1. Don't slow down - this only agravates the person behind you

    #2. Indicate and pull over - you were thinking of slowing down, what problem is pulling over for a minute?

    #3. If you don't wish to do either of the above, zoom off at a rate of knots they have no chance to catch up (not advisable).

    I have never been tailgated for longer then it took me to pull over. (not very long).
  16. I'm not sure how I would of reacted in the same situation. Well done on surviving this oxygen thieving cager.
  17. Your right about pulling over, its a good idea, but up here the shoulder of the road is gravel right after the left handed white line. Its not something you can ride on to at 90 or 80 kmh on a loaded road bike.

    Anyway in 27 years on the road I have never had some idiot not pass me after tailgating me for up to five kays on clear open road. I think tailgating me so close for so long was deliberate of this psycho having an issue with a motorcyclist, and wanting to start something, from the safety of his cage. And when I gave him a flash of brake lights, he rampt it up to psycho mode, and wasn't interested in passing me, even when I was slowing down, and he could have clearly passed me as there was miles of open road and no traffic. Who knows what he would have done if I had tried to pulled over? Pull over with me?

    The thought has crossed my mind since, that it could have been an attempted bike jacking. Make me stop, and his passenger and him take my bike? It also reminded me of Spielburg's early work in the movie "Duel", with Dennis Hopper and some POS truck! Was not a pleasant day out on the bike I can tell you.

    But next time, I'll take your advice, and indicate and pull over if I can.
  18. Mate well done for surviving this twat.
    My advise is to front up at any cop shop in Vic and make a complaint if you have his rego. This may not be his first and you'll be doing us all a favour. Personally I would have twisted the wrist :)
  19. I wonder how many of these drivers would actually get out of their car and try throw down with a motorcyclist. Some steel knuckles to the teeth and a helmeted headbutt sounds like exactly what this prick needed.

  20. :rofl:

    I move like a badly oiled machine in leathers! :LOL:

    I can fight but i don't think i could fight very well whilst encumbered by all my crap! :LOL: No point having kevlar knuckles if you can't drive a punch quickly and accurately into someone's chin.