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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Senator17, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has had an Inguinal Hernia, had it repaired and how long they were off the bike recovering before they started riding again and what type of bike (So I know what seat height you were riding).

  2. Had a hernia operation around 14 years ago..... re occurred and needed fixing a couple of years later, this was well before I started riding, my only advice is to take it easy post op and follow the surgeons advice....
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  3. I had one, had it fixed and then didn't rest as ordered by the doctor , I started doing a few chores around the house instead. 2 days after the surgery I was back in hospital with torn muscles and bleeding. BIG mistake, I've never been on so much pain. I'd say leave it for at least a month, only because it's not worth risking complications like I had. Ask the Doc to be sure though.
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  4. I had two as well. I firmly believe they are caused by smoking. If you smoke and don't want another one, stop!
  5. Ask your surgeon & do what they say ;). Recovery times for laparoscopic procedures are usually faster, but I'd expect at least 4-6 weeks.
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  6. Been there done that :-(
    Right Inguinal, repaired with gauze and staples, when I asked the surgeon how long before I could ride "the bike" she said "pushbike" after I stopped laughing I said NO MOTORBIKE. The answer was 6 months :bigtears:.
    Evidentally it's 6 months to 90% healed and another 6 to close enough to 100%.
    I did Ride my 1978 Duc 900 after 5 months though :greedy: as we'd bought a house and were moving, and NO-ONE else rides my bike ;-).
    Best ask the surgeon but I'd guess 6 months. Its not seat height that'll get ya, its putting it on the (centre) stand OR straining to keep it up if you go slightly off balance when stopping that'll pop it again
  7. After the complications from my inguinal hernia operation I would suggest avoiding any surgical procedure if possible. There are other options which all surgeons should make you aware of.
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  8. Interesting, I would never have associated smoking with a Hernia. I don't smoke and never have, so I'll need someone to explain how they are related.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. I've already had the laprascopic procedure nearly two weeks ago. Everything is going very well so far. Sitting BullSitting Bull , what are the other options to having an inguinal hernia repaired?
  10. Smokers develop a particular type of cough that seems to cause a hernia. Just my observation as a former smoker and smoker friends and acquaintances of a similar age (around 50). In my own case, I can recall the cough and the moment the first one happened
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  11. Thanks, that makes sense. I can remember exactly what caused mine a few years ago, it was a sneeze.
  12. I'm guessing you have had mesh inserted. I hope everything goes well with that for you and it doesn't cause any complications down the track. There are non-surgical options available. I never knew anything about alternative treatments at the time I was diagnosed (pre-internet) but would of definitely tried them before resorting to butchery. Here's a link that you may find worth reading,
    It may also pay for you to read up on complications from mesh repairs of inguinal hernias so that you know what to look for. Here in Tassie we get the wrong end of the stick as far as surgeons are concerned. They tend to use us as a training ground.
  13. A few points.
    1. They are NOT caused by smoking or probably by any other 'cause'. There is a strong inheritable link. I had one repaired three months ago in my 60s, my brother in his 40s had his done 6 months ago and my nephew in his 20s had his done at Christmas. All in exactly the same place.
    2. You were probably born with it and any number of unpredictable factors caused it to become noticeable when it did. Just look at my recent family history. I'm a teacher, my nephew is a chippie.
    3. It will get worse with time and will also take longer to recover.

    Mine was fixed with a full open cut and mesh and screws. I had to stay off the bike (Hyosung GV700C cruiser) for 4 weeks. Other than a few twinges from time to time all has been well. I can tell you that if I lean over too far for any reason, I will NOT attempt to hold the bike upright.
    There are lots of horror stories about the consequences of inguinal surgery but you are not doomed to be a non-riding rider for the rest of your life. For the cost of some pain (there is some but it's treatable) and a few weeks (I don't understand why months unless it was a very advanced tear) off the bike, I can look forward to riding freely.
    Anyone who needs it, go for it and do it BEFORE it becomes a huge issue.
  14. Thanks for the link, it's a very interesting story, and has confirmed for me that surgery and mesh were the right choice for me. I've been looking on the internet and researching the recovery from Inguinal Hernia. So I am doing well and will be very careful and take my doctor's advice, so won't be riding till I get the all clear from my doctor.
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  15. Senator17Senator17 - I hope you heal up well mate. At least it's the cold winter season now so you might not miss riding that much!
  16. Yea I do miss riding that much. Last two Sundays I would have been out all day, the weather was beautiful. I'll see the doctor next week, then I'll have a better idea of when I can ride again.
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  17. not the same but when I had my bowel removed via keyhole procedure I was off the bike for about 10 weeks before I could throw my leg over and then another 4 or so before I braved riding.
  18. Speaking as a surgeon who does laparoscopic procedures - give it at least 4 weeks. In 4-6 weeks the mesh (synthetic material polypropylene) gets embedded in fibrous (scar) tissue. Once that happens all good for life. Do some gentle stretching exercises once you reach the 4 week mark. You should be right thereafter. Cheers.
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  19. Dunno about a hernia, but I picked up my new DR650 six days after having my gall bladder out with no problems, although I might have been in fairly serious trouble if I'd say, dropped it or crashed. Well, nobody told me I shouldn't ;).

    Hand winching a couple of cars onto a flatbed trailer two days after a vasectomy was a rather more uncomfortable experience.
  20. Or in my case, all not so good for life. Every time I do a stretch that involves the area I'm reminded I have a foreign structure in my body and I have to deal with the pain and complications from it. Luck of the draw I guess.