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Heres to a safe 07 !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Blue14, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Well it has been a bad year for offs so lets hope 07 brings some us some better luck. Remember the roads are not a race track, some of bikes manufactured are not GP or Superbikes, and some of us definately aren't Valentino Rossi. Ride within yours, and the bikes limits, stay upright and keep the rubber side down. Thanks to all who organised get togethers and made the year as good as it could be. Happy New Year to you all and your families.. :grin:

  2. All the best everybody an awesome New year! May 2007 be full of Love, Loot, Laughter and Sensational twisties! :grin:
    Keep the Shiney Side Up! :) See ya's all next year!
  3. Yeah, 06 was a bit of a sucky year. :mad:

    Now I just need to survive 07 somehow :shock:
  4. All the best wishes to the Netrider community and I hope that 2007 is a safe and happy one for all. :angel:
  5. Ya. Happy New Year everyone!

    Ride safe. Be safe. :cool:
  6. Hmmm......An understatement by a looooong way. 3 of my friends (my wife included in that) gone in 2006. :cry:

    2007 can only be better. Onwards and upwards.

    Stay safe everyone and have a great new year.
  7. Agreed. '06 was gay.

    '07 will kick ze ass.

    There will always be a beer (And a bourbon, and a rum, and a vodka, and a...) at Chateau Scrambles for anyone who feels the need.

    Offer valid from 01/01/07 through 31/12/07
  8. schizz se fuoook de fuggin...