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Here's my welcome

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by thewolf, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Hello all,

    The ultimate newbie almost, got my license exactly one week ago today, put a order in on my bike yesterday (a nice blue Ninja 250R) and will be picking it up next week once the banks open and I can pay for it :)

    Was referred to here by my next door neighbour, who also owns a 250R Ninja (And i think I paid well under a grand less than he did :) and have sorta lurked and read and learned for the past week or so.

    Anyway, this is a roundabout hello, and wave to all the friendly peoples!

    Oh and for those curious, I'm in Glen Waverley, Seems to be plenty of bikes around here I've now begun to notice.

    For the second time

    The Wolf
  2. Welcome and enjoy the forums.
  3. welcome in mate and kudos to your neighbour, who is he/she?
  4. Welcome! You should get yourself along to the Tuesday night learner ride if you can - great way to meet people, practice your riding, and show off your new ride ;)
  5. "It's the wool-f, that's who it is, the woo-lf" :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider, and riding (y).
  6. Hi and welcome to NR.
    The bikes you have just began to notice were probably always there, you just didn't register them. Remember that is the way the average motorist is "seeing" you.

    Stay safe and have fun.
  7. Don't forget to nod to other riders. (except scooters and Hogs, their a waste of time and effort I'm afraid)

    Welcome to NR, maybe we'll see you on a Tuesday ride soon.
  8. :p

    Only reason I got my license is because my other half was getting a scooter. She crashed the learner scooter that was provided. (she missed the corner, drove towards the tire wall, panicked and accelerated into it... the bruises were wonderful :) therefore I said I would go along with her the second time. Unfortunately the night before we were to do this, there was the rather well publicised death of a bike rider. So in the end when push came to shove she didn't do it, and I got mine.

    Now I'm just going to have fun and show her it's fun, and encourage her THAT way.
  9. *waves*

    I'm thewolf's other half. I am thoroughly embarrassed now... >.>
  10. So you should be! :p

    Welcome to both. Get out there and get your licence Zandilar. Then pratice, practice, practice. It takes a while to get enough confidence to ride well, without panicing and making mistakes. Just make sure that the mistakes you make are small, and in safe environments.

    If the well publicised death of a bike rider was the 22 year old who hit a tree and then a parked car, he must have paniced, or or was trying out how hard he could accelerate, or was doing something stupid. However it happened, he was just extremely unlucky to have died from the accident, rather than receiving a few bruises and a wake up call. Just get the licence and then start the real learning process, slowly and with care, and you will be fine.

    The two of you will have great fun riding together, and meet lots of good people here on Netrider.
  11. HiDee HoDee & Welcome thewolf & Zandilar

    Whatever you do don't allow the news reports to dissuade you from riding as they're usually quite sensationalist and fail to paint the full picture.
    As for embarrassing moments, we all have them - try coming off the postie bike three days into the job and being on compo for five weeks as a result :oops:
  12. Oh yeah, and get over to the East Side Tuesday night coffee/dinner night and meet some other riders, at:

    701 Boronia Rd (cnr Boronia/Wantirna)
    Wantirna (Nth West cnr)

    Entrances from both roads to carpark
    6pm onwards.

    It's only 20 minutes from Glen Waverly. We start early at 6 pm, and are usually gone by 8:30 pm, but are sometimes around until later. The above location is new as of last week, since the Pebbles restaurant decided to renovate without telling us and without a decent menu in the interim. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=59811
  13. good advice from RoderickGI there, people die for all sorts of reasons, you wouldn't buy a new bed if you knew how many people die in bed....

    And don't miss the chance to ride together, there's nothing like it, honest
  14. Hey there,

    I'll have to see when at least I can make it. (If Zandi comes we will be arriving in a car which feels like missing the point somehow :) Won't be this week though, it's been a very up and down week for myself.

    As for Zandi, I think your efforts at encouraging her are paying dividends, she's already talking about reconsider it, (again) Maybe if we all send encouraging remarks we can talk her into trying again. :dance:

    Personally I would consider nothing better than riding up in the Dandenongs on a fine day and enjoying those roads.

    And to the person who asked who introduced me, I found out he's one of these 'lurker' types. But he still said good things anyway.

    The Wolf
  15. Thanks for the welcome everyone! :grin:

    I'm thinking of taking it even slower, and trying to get some riding in somehow before I try for the license again (was doing, and will probably try again, the two day course with HART).

    One instructor told me I should probably also try riding a bicycle before I got on a powered bike again. (Honestly, my balance is all right, but maybe the practice will do me good.)
  16. The bicycle thing isn't such a silly idea. It will get you used to balance and handlebars again, if you haven't been on a bike in a while. Once you get over worrying so much about riding, a bicycle or motorbike, you will find it gets much easier.

    The HART course is a pretty good and easy way to get to know bikes, especially as the motorcycles at least have crash bars. Scooters don't from memory. You don't want to scratch TheWolf's bike practicing in a car park. HART bikes are used to getting crashed, so take advantage of that.

    Also make sure you wear some protective gear (jeans, jacket, leather gloves and strong shoes, in addition to the mandatory helmet) in case you do take a small tumble. I saw a few at the HART courses I attended, but even the old bloke who crashed during emergency stops got up and carried on. Mostly bikes just got laid down on corners when doing slow riding, so they were basically stopped.

    If you are committed to learning to ride, buy the safety gear now, so that you can use it at training courses. At least the gloves, if nothing else.

    By the way, if you are going to ride a motorcycle and not a scooter, then do the courses on a motorcycle. While we had one woman swap from a scooter to a motorcycle during the course, she actually looked more in control on the motorcycle than the scooter. At least you can hang on to a motorcycle with your knees! Scooters are ridden entirely differently to motorcycles, so learn on the type of vehicle you are going to ride.

    PS: People often turn up to coffee in cars. It just depends where they are coming from and so on. We like to see lots of bikes there, but it doesn't always happen, and we don't hassle people about it . . . much. :D
  17. My intention was always to ride a scooter. :) I think gears and clutch might be a bit much for me to handle... Hehe. ;)