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Here's my new baby!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Bundy Girl, May 15, 2007.

  1. Since my Mother's Day post went missing; I'll try again for those who missed my new baby.......


    I love her to bits,easy to ride and a lot of fun :grin:
    Need to watch that right wrist though :)
  2. That's one beautiful baby :grin: :grin: Congratulations!! have you named her yet? :LOL:
    Ride safe and have heaps of fun :) :)
  3. noice!!!
  4. Very nice!


  5. Way to go Bundy Girl.. Will you be there with the new toy on Spanner day??
  6. Ha, I knew you were getting that, I have my spies out :LOL:

    Very sweet Bundy, when I bought my bike both the ER6 and GSR6 hadn't been released :cry: I know what I would have bought if they had...I like my Suzi :wink:
  7. Soooo sexy..... have you got a bigger photo???? :grin: :grin:
  8. Just gorgeous! :)

    I never knew you had such exceptionally good taste. :grin:
  9. [​IMG]

    Is this better?
  10. Nice, great bike, expect to be getting LOTS of looks in your direction :wink:
  11. You need to tidy the rear up. Would look even better. :cool:
  12. Thanks everyone, I haven't thought of a name that would do her justice yet.

    MG what is it with guys and neat tail ends :) My husband said the same thing,he also is looking at the special edition ZX-10;he's seen your post on it and loves it.

    The spanner day might depend on work and weather,I'll see how it all works out.
  13. I don't care what they look like, I'm Greek, I'll have them any which way that they are presented to me :rofl:
  14. :LOL: F*ck youre funny boss!

    Yeh BG, I'm not a fan of all that plastic shit hanging off the rear.

    When I look at the pic of your bike & picture it w/out the rear... [​IMG]
    BTW, gotta love the pipe!! Nice! [​IMG]

    Special edition was my first choice but couldnt get one at the same price :cry:
    Your hubby would get alot more insight reading Loz's review..

  15. :roll:
  16. Another person with exceptional taste!
    You won't be unhappy with your choice...they are a great bike to ride.
    I had not seen another one on the road up here until last night... and then there was three at the Coffee Club! Bugger!
    Off to get some bike bling today to differentiate my little Black Magic! :cool:
  17. I TOTALLY AGREE <<<why cant I bold this :? Bundy Girl, some gals nice a nice tight REAA end as well! :)

    A gal after your own heart, to bad she's married!
  18. I must just add that the guys at Sharp Tune Kawasaki in Dandenong were really great to deal with, my hubby did everything behind my back in organising the bike and going to great lengths to get an '06 black one for me from Adelaide(god bless him).
    So if you are in the market for a new or used bike go and see Joe and the rest of the team.
    Now it's his turn for an update,not sure if i'll be able to organise it all for him for Father's Day though :grin: