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Here's my new 250 Bandit

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Janosh, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. On first impression, i'm very impressed with the bike - first time out this afternoon, and I was amazed at how quick it was above 10k :twisted:


    Are there any cheap useful modifications I can do to it??

  2. Nice ride! :cool:

    How much did ya pick it up for?

    Im sure there are some mods u could do but dont ask me :LOL: as i dont own one yet .
  3. Now THATS one good looking bike! :grin:
  4. Thanks guys :cool:

    I should be along at the St Kilda meet tomorrow night if anyone's from Melbourne way
  5. Why mod a 250?

    Nice bike as it is.
    You could get a tail tidy... but not worth it imho.
  6. Hi ,

    Is this Bandit 250cc ??
  7. Yeap - It's a GSF 250
  8. very nice bike.. got to love the NAKEDS.. and as far as mods is concerned you could get some clip on's .. i ride a VTR250 and i will be getting clip ons soon.. they make the naked look a bit more streetfighter-ish and a lil bit more aggressive
  9. That engine loves the herbs. Keep your right hand busy, and it'll show you a good time. :grin:
  10. Nice lookin' bike Janosh. :)
  11. Nice bike..

    What made you get this particular one? Was there others while you were looking at getting this one.
  12. Nice ride dude!

    Congratz on the purchase, be sure to look after her! Keep her shinny side up mate!
  13. Nice and clean, good work!
  14. wow nice bootie
  15. looking good :wink:
  16. Nice work, gotta love nudity :grin:
  17. ahh yes the lovely GSF 250 bandit- i had a 1991 model for 3 years and absolutely loved it and did not want to get rid of it when i upgraded-- i just had SO MANY good associations with it.

    MODS i hear-- lots you can do - shorty can-- sweet looking and noisy to boot.

    then renthal bars if ya want a fighta approach-- then change the front light to an after market-one or apply speed triple headlight cluster and not forgettting the indicatiors to small mini ones.

    thats it for simple mods--- make sure ya got good brake pads and brake lines as these bikes tend to have issues with spongy feelin on the brakes.

    see ya thurs

    if ya neeed more info :grin: :grin:
  18. oh yeah and the mirrors can be changed as they are so BIG-- get bar end ones or after market small ones that look slim and sweet--- :cool:

    chop that end tail rego plate thingy off too-- its ugly!!! :p

    thats it for cheap small - do- it -yourself- mods :grin:
  19. Now that is a nice ride Janosh.... sometime I wish I had got naked ... :LOL:
  20. Thanks for all the comments guys :grin:

    BanditR1 - where could I get a shorty can for the bike?

    Hope to catch up with you later..