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Heres hoping you all enjoy your summer!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Hey guys!
    Heres hoping summer treats you all well... ive just got a new job as i was sick of waiting for my other dredging employers to give me a new contract... start monday.
    Im the nightshift head dude for the BHP Hunter River Remediation Project... 6 month job. 12 hrs a day(night), 12 days a fortnight, though with one weekend a month being a 3 day weekend (my own demand there, otherwise the job will kill me).

    So it seems ill mostly be sleeping through summer... and i will let you all know ahead of time which weekend will be my long weekend, as guaranteed itll rain.

    Will spam plenty for lack of anything else to do from work...

  2. Mr Messy,
    Mate, best wishes with your new work endeavours and hope you manage some well deserved breaks during your demanded days off !
    Hopefully you get to enjoy summer also but thanks all the same for your good wishes.
    Congrats on the new gig and stay safe and well champ.

    PS - Sorry to hear of your bike drop :(
  3. so u should be buying a desmo when u finished eh
  4. Cheers Nickers ;).
    Got lucky with the bike - soft landing so no damage beyond the battery (so far so good), some dirt/grass, and my pride hehe.
    Its going to be a pure commuter for a while... mmm flat spots *drools*. Note to self: get new storm suit...

    Hahaha dunno about that goz... if i can get a decent hours job straight up after it (or after a few weeks sleep after it), then yeah ill splurge :p. Otherwise back to living on savings again :S.
  5. "We'll go down to the hollow and there we will wallow in mud, glorious mud" :p :LOL:

    I guess you'll enjoy your riding time even more given how scarce it's going to be

    As for summer, here in Wollongong it's blowing a 40 knot freezing gale off the escarpment and the bike's staying indoors..
  6. Yeah hornet its not much different up here... so much for a wollombi to wisemans run today... maybe tomorrow the winds are meant to be down.
  7. Here i am, just onboard and starting my first nightshift... (and on netrider... shhhhhhhh! :p).
    Ahh the joys of needing to work for money.
  8. Been there, done that mate...I can vouch (through my experiences) that it all ends up paying off, sometimes more than we expect !
    Nothing like having the privilege to surf Netrider during a nightshift, but I'd be thoroughly upset to hear orsm or thehun weren't being accessed more regularly (y)
    Have fun bud.
  9. Always did prefer my nightshift... just havent done one for 5 months :p.
    Here comes bike upgrade in april :D.
  10. Now there's a goal worth working hard for ! Enjoy dude.
    PS- What's the bike of choice, if I can ask ?
  11. So far... test ride pending... im leaning toward a 08ish (at least 6th gen of the bike/2nd gen VTEC) VFR800.

    It ticks the boxes of being a sports tourer (so good for my back...), not mortgage time when i want to buy it or for insurance, and easily available parts.
    Ive already seen that id have to add $ to the purchase price for an aftermarket exhaust, better air filter, power commander chip and a dyno session though to get the most out of the bikes potential. But id do the exhaust anyway for look and sound... may as well do the others too!
  12. Great choice of bike mate ! Have never ridden one but only hear, constantly, just how good this beast is.
    Very sporty looking too. I like your thoughts re aftermarket add-ons (y)
  13. Wish this rain would bugger off so i can ride to work though, just for some simple pleasures.
    I dont mind drowning on the way home (even with a storm suit)... just wont leave the house on the bike to actively drown on the way TO work... id sooner cage it.
  14. Are you dredging off Kangaroo Island or elsewhere along the river? I've watched that whole coal loading expansion over the past few years.. incredible stuff.

    EDIT: Kooragang, of course. Dunno why I said Kangaroo! Haha
  15. Kooragang Island in Newcastle. I was in the dredging for the 2.5 years to build the new coal loader etc... and now im on the BHP Hunter River Reclamation.
    We are hoping this will be done (the dredging anyway) by february, but i doubt it.
    Then i may end up back on the other side of the river for the stage 2 of the coal loader expansion...

    I have been trying to get a job down in port kembla - theres a 4 year project kicking off there real soon, and a steady contract for that long would be fantastic.
  16. Glad to hear you have a job that's bringing in some coin, as apposed to not having enough money to be able to ride, and nothing to distract from looking at your bike. ;)
    What work do you do?

    Have added a website to my collection... thanks!
  17. Haha ! You are VERY welcome :)
  18. Hehe they get a look in sure, but since i am on mobile broadband in the middle of a river i dont want to spend all my bike money on data quota :p.
    We are being careful as the fibre link runs just past where we are dredging... maybe i can pick it up and hotwire a fibre connection instead?
  19. Well here i am and summer is over :(.

    Im still working every night of the week... but only a month or so left before the hunter river is nice and clean again and my job be gone...
    Got 3 companies negotiating with me at the moment though, and im playing them off against the other to get the best deal. So far i could retire after 15 years... but the contracts arent that long :(.

    As for summer recreation, I managed to get a few rides in here and there... though never got to the beach once... totally missed out on being a perv.
    Only managed a decent run once to wisemans ferry, and it rained from mangrove mountain to the ferry and back to the same damn spot. Gave me some good wet practice flying around through those roads when it was hammering down though. Fun with the rear end going sideways as much as forward :D.
    Im more pale then ive ever been before :(.

    I cant complain too much though, this summer has been messed up for Australia. Floods and cyclones and fires (which there has been a remarkable lack of this year) that have done some serious damage.
    Just want to wish anyone affected or caught up in it all the best, hope you land on your feet.
  20. Good to hear you're getting through it all okay :)

    Money = yay!

    good luck finding weather to ride in when it's not raining :)