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Here's an enlightened comment

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. news.com.au is running a story entitled...Lifestyle takes toll on the rich. They ask the question on the blog page;

    HOW much would you pay not to be stuck in traffic on your way home this evening? Would you pay $5 to speed past the other cars? Maybe $10?

    So some bozo posts this in response to someone (like me) who said, "Nothing, I ride a motorcycle".

    to Peter Edens . yep your one of those idiots who ride in between cars every day zipping in and out. just once! just once id love to open up my drivers door to see what happens!! no wonder you you can zip to work quickly. tip: watch car doors especially 4 WD's (mine) in the future...i may just snap one day whilst in a traffic jamb... ha!
    Posted by: mike johnson 9:06am


    Apart from the fact that this idiot can't spell, what chance do we have when fools like this are allowed to have a license?

    here's a link to the blog


  2. Please provide a link so we can respond appropriatly.
  3. and the idiot has just replied to my post

    to peabody99 my my, havnt i hit the truth with you you little que jumper! best you check your road rules son! if my car door isnt properly shut and i choose to reopen to close properly and "you" just happen to be que jumping in between cars during peak hour on a motor bike i would suggest that you are dangerious driving, failing to indicate, undue care and attention, etc etc etc.. best you catch a bus or learn to abide by the road rules, it's that simple. a drivers licence is a privilege not a right, keep that in mind especially when que jumping on your bike. ride safe now! bitumen hurts son.

    I might ring the Police hotline and direct them to the blog :).
  4. Did you REALLY just call someone a "berk"????? Niiice.

    Just waiting for my comment to appear, I'm Rider from Coming Up Behind You...

  5. Just big tough words by some little coward hiding behind the keyboard. Wait for him to try it, then see what happens. We can't stop the intellectually deprived from breeding or having an opinion.
  6. I just knew he'd drive a 4WD!
    I wouldnt like to be in his shoes if he ever came through with the threat. The law would see it as pre-meditated. Not good.
  7. Ask him how much he pays for "throw on mud" for his 4WD which is probably (only) used for city driving :roll:
  8. Thanks for the tip Paul.
    We need to jump on these idiots as often and as loudly as we can. :mad:
  9. He doesn't seem to be getting any backup...

    There are some nice respopnces from us.

    So now he is brushing it all off as a joke.
    What a F#%kwit
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Best insult EVER!!!!
  11. I posted a comment, but the blood pressure spike at his comment #35 wasn't worth it.

    Up to 5% of the population (Lebelle 2000) is like him, with probable borderline personality disorder i.e. there is very little you can do to change 'em.

    Best thing to do, long term, is ride safely, ride defensively, split and get the hell out of there and as far away from him as possible.

    Short term, we can bash him in forums and comments and remind everyone that people like him exist, aren't going away, and don't respond to balanced argument. At least we tried.
  12. At the risk of having eggs thrown at me, is 'Nightrider' someone from here?
  13. Oh, and +1 to Loz's 'best insult ever' :LOL:

    Watch your mirrors was also good for a chuckle :grin:
  14. here's the latest classic!!!

    Well done all you cyclists and motorcyclists, help reduce carbon emissions and save money too!!! Mike jonson - sounds like your big 4wd is compensating for something much much smaller

    Loz, your 'scooter' comment has some competition!!!!
  15. I've just fired off an email request to the site for the idiotic posts to be removed stating they could incite others to harm motorcycle riders.

    I dont hold much hope. I hate that crap. Life is dangerous enough.
  16. I encourage the reporting of vehicles and drivers (licence plates, make, model, driver (if possible)) on a seperate topic / forums where the power of a network such as netrider can make a big effect in identifying and bringing these dipshiites to justice.

    Eg. With respect to the car door opening idiot. If the general public start understanding that we riders can act as a community. What he does to one of us, he does to all of us.

    Im sure Mr big nuts in his mortgage supported, fart seat absorbing death box, would not be so brave if suddenly he was to cop the attention of hundreds of riders.
    Would be great to circulate a public shame file.

    Hell, there is a website where woman post cheating men and give out their details online! "don't go there Girlfriend!"
    Why not do the same for idiotic cagers :LOL:
  17. nah. I wouldnt be too worried about the comments from this individual. It looks like he is copping a lot of flack and he's only succeeded in making himself look like a moron.
  18. Surprise surprise. The post I complained about has been deleted!

    And I got a personal retort from Mr Johnston.
  19. Why insult maxi-scooter riders - I'd have said he's more of a monkey-bike person. :LOL:
  20. Yeah, I know, it was cheap. But if I get one insult cheap I can afford a whole lot more, you ol' fart!