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Here's a picture I bet you never thought you'd see

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Ignore the ugly geezers at each end, the gent in the middle is Vaughan Coburn....

    Through a strange set of circumstances we were able to meet on Saturday night and re-establish an old acquaintance

    Vaughan has had a couple of awful years in his private life and by his own admission the events spilled over into his relationships with other people, a situation he regrets

    As far as I am concerned, the past is the past and I'm extremely grateful to be able say that I can close a painful and unpleasant chapter, both on Netrider, and personally....

    Phil, Vaughan and me.
  2. good on ya mate, its better to have a smile than to hold on to old issues.

  3. Good to see things repaired between you all. Amazing how easy some things are to sort out if only people get the chance to talk face to face.
    Well done hornet =D>
  4. To ensure that the record is perfectly straight, the ending of hostilities came at Vaughan's request and we have merely responded to it. Regular emails and correspondence over the Internet has taken place which culminated in our meeting at the Friends of Oran Park reunion on Saturday night. Vaughan's brother, Leon, was unable to attend due to work commitments, but I correspond with him as well now and it's great to see that the both of them have come through a truly awful phase in their lives and are seeing the light of day. I commend both of them for their honesty and good intentions.

    As Paul said, an unpleasant chapter is closed and the future looks bright.
  5. I love a happy ending. Good stuff from all concerned.
  6. MVrog - you had to mention 'happy ending', didn't you ???
    What a coincidence - I'm currently in Hong Kong...(say no more) :D

    It is indeed great when one can put behind any past unpleasant experiences and work on building an even stronger friendship/relationship. That takes effort, humility and sharp vision to realise that life truly is short...and there are more important things to be achieved than unworthy causes....
  7. Great stuff. I recall Vaughan was certainly one of the guns from that era, how was he? Did he have any good stories from those days? You look well recovered from your mishap Phil although I can see the walking aid in your hand, will be gone soon I'm sure?
  8. VC was in fine form. Add to the mix the presence of both the Hannan brothers plus numerous other luminaries from the day and, yes, some whoppers did get told.

    Bazza, I'm pretty much in the home stretch. Once they take the bolts and wire out of my knee (which will hopefully be soon), the physio people will be able to restore the rest of the movement there. I can drive now which gives me independence I haven't had for months so it's all looking great, thanks for the good wishes.
  9. Reading Croz's autobiography, he has nice things to say about VC.
  10. Good to see a positive resolution Paul, and yes - they are an ugly pair of bookends... :cheeky:
  11. I have come to the conclusion that maybe Vince wasnt the problem, maybe you 2 blokes were
  12. goz, it is Vaughn, not Vince.... but aside from that, in my vast experience in m/c racing, racers do not have a lot of time for people who sit on the side lines and critisize there efforts and put them down, Think they have every right of reply to there detractors....... Think the Coburn boyzz were so justified in there replies. Seems to me that the power of the moderaters override them...........
  13. Tart.
  14. It's Vaughan not Vaughn :)
  15. :?

    What utter and completely deluded whimsical fantasy.

    It's amazing and even a bit inspiring that Paul and Vaughn have a built a bridge given the shit storm that Vaughn and his cohorts caused. I'm glad those days of invective and bile are behind us.
  16. I've never seen Hornet or rc say anything about VC as a racer other than how extraordinarily talented he was on two wheels.
  17. Guys, they have kissed and made up, is there any need for dredging up the past?
  18. hate to ask... what happened in the first place?
  19. From what I can gather one of them called the other one 'old'.
  20. A lot more to it, than that. Good that it's fixed, all of you.