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heres a pic or two

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by peter-reebok, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. :shock: That back tyre wouldn't be out of place on a drag bike :shock: :LOL:.
  3. Nice bike.... :grin:

    Does anyone else have a fascination (dare I say fetish) with what other people have in their garages?

    I can't seem to stop myself checking what's in the background :)
  4. back ground of all photos for me .... WHATS UNDER THE TARP???????

    sweet ride mate, love the 109's and yours is verry shiny
  5. What else would any god fearing red blooded bike rider have there?

    An FJ Holden!.

    (for sale if anyone is interested) 202 engine, M21, 3/4 chassis, heaps of chrome, 10 coats of Black, and 10 coats of clear (deep deep shine), and original 70's dragway mags with front disk brakes, power assisted.
    59 caddy indicators, tail lights, brake lights frenched in.
  6. Bloody show off! Crikey revs right, that is one hell of a back tyre!

    Brings to mind that song "I love big Butts and I cannot lie" :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Fark me!
    Ya reckon that rear tyre is big enough?! Jeez...
  8. Very nice, one of my favourite (power) cruisers. I wonder how it would go against a harley vrod?
  9. Holy crap. That is a thing of beauty. Reckon she's a contender for the biggest baddest cruiser I've ever seen.

    Check out this thing (Honda Rune) Saw one in Melbourne a while ago and have had a fascination with gigantic cruisers ever since.

  10. Noice, I'm liking these big Suzi's more and more each time I see them.
  11. Looks great - love the handlebars, instruments and HUGE tyre - fats where its at :cool:

    The seat looks really low :?
  12. So, that's what this is...



    I snapped these pic's at a bike show a few months ago and had no idea what it was. Doesn't have the same size rear as the 109, but it's a big mother-f*cker of a bike, I tells ya! :shock:

    Peter, with a tyre like that, I can see why roundabouts were a struggle!
  13. How much for the FJ>>>?
    Sounds like alot of work yet kept the 202? Must be pretty worked etc?