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WA Here we go: 30 km/h limits

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by BIWOZ, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. If it saves just one life ... **** me rigid, I'm sick of hearing that passed off as a "reason"; it's not, it's faulty "logic" of the worst, most intrusive kind.

    Link HERE

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  2. I think we need to fund a study that shows that locking up every idiot who utters these words would save the lives of people who don't wear beige cardigans.

    Then we could use their own logic to put them away from the rest of society
  3. Of the 26 pedestrians that were killed, how many were killed crossing the road at somewhere other than a pedestrian crossing?

    I was once told, but don't know if it's true, that in some countries if a pedestrian is crossing the road and isn't using a pedestrian crossing they are automatically at fault if a vehicle hits them.
  4. "If it only saves even one person then it is a good thing."

    This guy should tattoo "Stupid Asshole" on his forehead.
  5. When urban speed limits where dropped in Victoria, there was an immediate increase in pedestrian casualties, and it has risen markedly in later years.
  6. I'm still battling to get the permanent 40kph sign removed from a road near me where the school is now closed. Neither the council (Casey) or VRoads are in a hurry to get back to me.
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    ^ I complained about a permanent 40 near my house and a couple months later it became 40 only during school hours. I don't know if I had any effect at all but it's worth a shot.

    I like how they want lower limits so that we can crash safely. Oh wait, that's a ****ing stupid mentality commutated to just preventing crashes...

  8. Tried that some time ago, but no deal b/c the road is usually 50kph. The school is closed - there should be no reason for 40kph timed or otherwise. The council gave me some garbage about investigating if there were playing fields the kids would go to. There are, but they're accessable from the footpath only route at the rear of the school (no road there). Also, I suspect the whole block will be developed anyway.

    I've managed to have a 40 zone removed from a closed school before - in this case, one in Box St Doveton. Might have to put some heat on the councillor in my ward - 'bout time he started earning his keep again.
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  9. Sounds like those signs might disappear one night, taken by person or persons unknown. The hooligan element today tut tut.
  10. I for one, would like to see 10km/h speed limits around schools and the houses of children.

    Its a great concern of mine that so many people die every year BECAUSE OF the ridiculously fast 40, 50 and 60km/h limits that are currently in around residental streets and school!
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  11. Yeah.
    We could use the census results to tell who lived in each house and assign a speed limit to the road in front of each house according to who lived there.

    We could have 10km/h for children
    30 for old folks
    60 for adults only
    and 250 for anyone who works for the TAC
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  12. Agreed
  13. How about this for a solution.

    Everyone can travel at a speed they determine to be safe. However, if you cause an accident, therefore obviously your judgment is wrong, there is a minimum 2 year gaol term.

    Pedestrians can cross the road anywhere they want, but if they don't use a pedestrian crossing and get run over THEY are deemed at fault and either they or their estate are responsible for any costs.
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  14. how about no one goes on the road except me and people i like. And i can go as fast as i want all the time, forever.
  15. lmao

    Yes, there's a nice grassy hill at the back of the school. Those signs would make awesome toboggins....
  16. Or car drivers could get out and push their cars along these streets... and motorbike riders could just pedal along with their feet...scooter riders can sling them over their shoulders and walk along... that'll fix it...
  17. Why not educate pedestrians that roads are for cars and not pedestrians,

    Footpaths are for pedestrians,

    That add on TV they had on here about wiping off 10 Klms, the pedestrian would only have broken legs instead of dying,

    If the pedestrian had of taken her eyes out of the book and looked, instead of crossing the road in front of a car with out looking,

    She would not have been injured in any way,

    Where do they get these fuck wits from any way.
  18. I hope you enjoy just walking around the block then.
  19. Reread what I said,
  20. The article quoted in the OP looks like all the birds are singing from the same song sheet. Carefully scripted press releases that all join seamlessly together to present a united picture. It's a fait accompli, I reckon. The decision was made before they commissioned the study to back it up.

    WA, you have just been engineered.
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