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Here to say THANKS!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by rider_down, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Title pretty much says it.

    Thanks to the two bikers that helped me out in kew afew weeks ago when I went off the bike.

    For getting my bike to my neighbor and all. The funny thing is that he crashed 2 days after me and ended up down the hall from me in the Royal!
    He says my cut keys are bad luck becaused I crashed afew days after I forced them to work and when he to my bike he chained the key up to his one and crashed 2 days later!

    Yeah to who ever the two was (guy and girl) Thanks!!!
  2. The riders you're looking for are Egiste and Eswen.

    Glad you're up and about again. How's the bike? Didn't look too bad when we put it onto the ute, but is was dark so I couldn't see to well. Hopefully you're riding it again soon.

    I hear the cops weren't too pleased with you. Did they decide the stack was enough punishment for falling off or are they going to take it further?

    I have lots of qns. It's in my nature but tell me to shut up if you like. :LOL:

    Take care. :)
  3. Welcome Bud,

    What a way to learn about Netrider.... then again theres always a positive side.

    Hope you get to change your nic soon enough.

  4. Bikes alright.

    Break leaver and an indicator is probably somewhere in the grass.

    Front fairing is abit squished. But other than that everythings good, not leaking fuel or anything and starts fine.

    Might sell it until I get this rod out of my leg.

    Hopefully moving to QLD in 2 months anyways if things go well.

    Haven't heard from the cops since I was in the ambulence so guess everythings ok.

    Got to watch the GP while I was in Epworth, BL Pedrosa.

    Waiting for the thumbs up for the doctors for my to throw my sticks away, should know exactly when by the 10th when they shoot x-rays at me again.

    Advice for people that end up in a public hospital from a road accident:
    Get them to transfer to to epworth in richmond!!

    It's a private hospital and the foods the best. Like you can order takeaway food and stuff.
    So make use of the $80 transfer fee and the crappy stamp duty that the TAC takes off you...
  5. Good to hear your on the mend mate. It sounded like a steep learing curve. :)
  6. Yeah that or really bad luck.
    I got hit by a car the week before that!

    Who makes a right turn while looking left?!!?!?!
    Managed to stay on and was lucky I didn't run into parked cars, trams, and the likes.

    But I was dozing off the when i broke my leg.
  7. My brother-in-law's one of the chefs at the Epworth. I've no idea whether the stuff he produces there is any good or not, but he's a damn fine chef.

    Between the hospital food and takeaway, you seem to be managing okay anyway!

    Hope you make a speedy recovery. :)
  8. Good on ya champ to take the time to thank the people that helped you out in your time of need :applause: :applause:

    And good on Eswen and Egiste for helping this person out when they could have just kept on riding :applause: :applause:
  9. :-k sounds like you helped out too... :applause:
  10. Nah, just helped Egiste put it on the ute. He and Es were the ones that found him, looked after him waiting for the abo's, drove to the other side of the city and organised secure parking for the bike. I killed a few mins on a slow evening, those two were working most of the night.
  12. good onya for helping out guys!
    and welcome rider down :grin:
  13. hey :grin:
    too bad you didnt make it here under better circumstances, but nice to see you anyway :)
    was no big deal, mark did more work than me, and most riders would have done the same in that situation.
    Im just glad it wasnt a worse accident, and its nice to know you are pulling through ok.

    there were 2 cops, one was a n00b (eswen - "I guess you guys get a fair few calls up here?" cop - "nah i dunno... this is my first night!")
    When you were being loaded in, the n00b asked the other guy if they should charge you for dangerous driving or some such, but the more experienced guy suggested that a broken leg was probably punishment enough, however they didnt appear to really make a decision either way. Glad to hear you havent heard anything from them though :)

    hope the move goes well, safe riding; see you back on a bike soon!
  14. Gday mate,
    Glad to hear that your up and about. You gave me quite a scare, since I hadn't seen anyone off a road bike before. It took me a second to register why you might have been lying in the grass next to your bike. Anyway I had the ute parked just up the road and my dad had just made me a ramp, so it was no biggy to help you out.

    There was a cyclist stopped with you, he new how to handle the situation pretty well, perhaps even done it before :wink: :wink:

    I did get in trouble from other parties for telling you that your bike was perfectly OK when it wasn't, but I figured you had more to worry about. Especially with your mum on the phone :grin:

    Ummm, I think they are still behind the seat in the ute. A mirror too. :oops: :oops:

    Sorry to hear about your mate comming off too. Those damn cut keys hey :grin: :grin:

    Anyway, best of luck with the recovery, you will have to see if you can make it down to one of the coffee nights.
  15. :-k .......................maybe he's tired. :)

    Hmm, and if I remember rightly, she gave him a good mouthful of abuse. Apparently he had the gall to ask if she was alright. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. good to see you on the forum and kudos two you two for helping out.. well done.
  17. rider down wrote

    hmmm, yeah, i'll take credit for that.

    hey, no problem at all mate, terrific to see you. hey, anytime you need another hand, you need only to ask.

    theres something you should know about luck. it backfires [in my opinion]. the number plate of my bike was xdu 13. i had a pair of 'lucky chess socks' [they had chess pieces on them]. it was rare for me to loose a game but i never won one in my chess socks.

    on the evening of my crash i lost my right foot along with the lucky chess sock.
  18. no tutos involved??

    Eswen... disapointed...

    ghood to hear your online and semi okmate.
    shame to hear of any riders off!

    hope all goes well in future for your riding and also ur netrider usage!
  19. Yeah I was so glad the bicyclist stoped to help me out with the operator.
    A black car saw me there slowed down and then drove off. I was yelling HELP!

    Say thanks to your in brother in law for me! and tell him to keep up the good work. Hospitals need more chefs like the ones in Epworth.

    but then again they only have to serve 100 or so patients as opposed to the numbers public hospitals have to deal with.
  20. nah that was the car driver who sped up as "she" tried to exit the driveway.