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Here she is...

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by tigoz, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. After a few good months of hard working, and a couple of weeks of tough loving. She arrived from Sunshine State motorcycle!!!

    Brady and Adrian, a great big thanks to their effort, assistance and customer service with it. Top-blokes, and I'd buy again from them. Within 2 weeks from "hello, I'm buying a bike" to delivery, registration - and I'm on the road. None of the other dealers in town could offer a better price or even a delivery time-frame within 2months.

    See ya's on the road...(y)

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  2. I was interested in one of these myself but ended up going down a different route. Nice bike though. Whereabouts are you located?
  3. What'd you end up getting?

    Thanks, - I'm down in Sydney...it looks as though it's going to be a sunny Saturday...great for riding
  4. Looks like the ER-6N is the new SV650................

    Great bikes - I've got the 2011 factory full power.......more capable than people give them credit for.

    Congrats (y)
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  5. I got a ripper deal on a Monster 659 so went with that. Good luck.
  6. Excellent choice....

    Cheers Jeremy
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  7. Oooooo shinny pretty toy! She's sexy!

    For some reason I never thought of simply calling interstate and saying "I want XXX bike. You got it? I want it. Lets talk price and delivery." Suspect its a win-win situation for the interstate dealer too.

    Was delivery $$$ if I may ask?
  8. I bought a bike in NSW, got a special dispensation from the RTA to ride it to QLD without registration, saved myself a ton on stupid NSW CTP costs.
  9. Rob, Where did you get your 659?
  10. Delivery wasn't too dear! Even with the delivery charges, it all added up less than what I was quoted here in Sydney, and they delivered within 2 weeks of saying I am buying it!