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Here she is - new Z1000

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Greydog, May 21, 2012.

  1. There's been some rumours floating around that [MENTION=30627]streetmaster[/MENTION] has a new bike..well he does - temporarily.

    He has assumed custody of my new ride - a 2012 Kawasaki Z1000 - until I come off restrictions and get to play. Picked her up last Saturday, and took her on the Sunday learner ride, where I hear she behaved herself beautifully (not that I got to see - Street's never in my line of vision on a ride *sigh*)

    Plus putting on some assorted bits (lowering link, bobbins, radiator guard, heated grips etc etc etc).

    I get to ride her as of end June. I wouldn't normally have bought her now, but the extra grand from Kawasaki during May was better in my pocket than theirs. At least I'm not tempted to try her now - she's in his garage for the duration.

    Streetmaster took some pics - mine is the orange and black one; the other one is his. They're "the twins".

    Thanks for taking such good care of her Street... (y)



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  2. That is one beautiful machine!! Good work Greydog!! Wish you great joy and much satisfaction riding some awesome roads!!
  3. Nice choice Grey!

  4. very very nice greydog, you lucky girl.
    when do you get to ride it ?
    go'on just have a little tryout ride. we won't tell anyone.
  5. It looks like a transformer that forgot what it was doing half way through :p
  6. Very nice.

    Does the lightning bolt mean it goes faster than streetsmasters?
  7. Sweet looking bike GD, I do have a soft spot for Kwaka's
  8. Congrats Greydog. Really nice and I love the colour. Will you need to lower it much?
  9. damn fine upgrade Mandy :)
  10. MT1 - 29/6 is zero date (actually 28/6 on my licence, but I assume it ends at midnight, and I don't think Street would be too impressed if I showed up then LOL)

    Chef - don't be a smartarse LOL :) She's a big lump of girl (like me)

    HB - umm...no *sigh* dammit.

    DrewBytes - that's retail with the cash back. Who pays retail?

    Meags - should only be an inch or so. I can reach, but it'll be more stable holding her if I lower her slightly.
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  11. Nice one GD !!
  12. Yeeeeew she's heaps pruuuudy
  13. I love your bike, Greydog. That white/orange/black is my favourite Z1000 colour scheme. I was soooo close to buying one.
  14. Nice one Greydog, congratulations on your new baby
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  15. Congrats GreyDog!

    She is lovely - you'd better get her back soon or Streety might go walkabout :D

    Really well done and a great choice! I'm sure she'll be good to you!
  16. Wow Mandy, congratulations! Quite a step up from your vtr250, you don't need to be told but be careful with all that extra power! I really love the colour scheme.
  17. The white/orange/black one is Streetmaster's 2010 version. I've always liked that one too, altho I prefer the black exhaust to the gold personally (Street doesn't agree!). However the orange/black really caught my eye when I first saw it - much nicer in the flesh than on the Kwaka website.

    ETA: Kernel - yes, I've been told! And told and told!
  18. Woo Hoooo.....

    That's a MEAN looking machine. Congrats again. (y)