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Here it is! The 2007 Honda Hornet 600!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. I've been waiting for this moment like FOREVER!
    Firstly - this is the UK 2007 model. NO IDEA whether it will ever be released in Australia.


    Things about it I like:
    ABS Brakes - it's an optional extra I'd pay for!
    rectangular mirrors - yes!!!!
    Black engine - nothing says TOUGH quite like it
    those headers - look unreal!
    Colour choices - that gold is amazing
    fuel injection - EUREKA!

    Things I don't like:
    The fact it looks like a cross between the ER6 & the SV650
    It really doesn't resemble a hornet anymore
    that exhaust pipe is HIDEOUS!!
    The instrument panel is a bit...wierd.

    Overall yes I like it. Obviously Honda thought it was time to move on from the "retro" look of the round headlight & make a different looking bike. They want to compete with Kwaka & Suzi & thought this was the best way. Would I sell my hornet to buy this one? NO WAY! Mine looks much better :grin:

    I couldn't afford one new anyway so I'm still happy I got a 1998 one & blinged it up. If I was to ever crash my bike, yes I'd probably get a brand new one & change a few things - starting with that pipe, UGH!
    Seriously, I'd change a few things if I got one to make it more my style. The technological advances are good but I just prefer the old look. maybe I'm old.

    But if I had the chance to test ride one I sure would!

    I really hope they bring this out in Oz cause we need more mid class bike choices.
  2. You're right on the money there Tash. That headlight/instrument panel looks a little... strange.

    I'm also not keen on the ducktail.

    I hope it looks a little better in the flesh.
  3. I really like it, the hornet has been due for a major upgrade for a few years now.

    For me it still holds on to some of the classic hornet lines while bringing all of the major components up to date.

    and the exhaust????....its growin on me :)

    It will be interesting to see whether it makes it to our shores....some are saying they were waiting for this model to re-introduce to OZ...time will tell
  4. Hmmm seems a little "Z750" ish. I like it. Although the new trend of stubby exhausts will take some getting used to.
  5. I'd take one out to dinner. I think it looks nice and modern, although I'll give you the point on the exhaust pipe... yuk.
  6. One thing about it that is a big improvement from my bike - a 19 litre tank

    I could really use one of those!

    I think I really need to see one in persom & take it for a ride through some twisties before I make up my mind.
  7. usd forks on a naked 600 too? Nice!
  8. WHether or not they bring it to Aus will be interesting, considering its an all new model though theyd be stupid not too
  9. I like it ;)
  10. Honda Hornet "the original streetfighter" :? I rekon Ducati and Triumph might argue that one. Does look to be simply copying the styling of the current range of Japanese nakeds a bit - wonder if they'll be updating the 250 version in Japan to match.
  11. Looks pretty good, I like the look of the exhaust (sort of the same as the current GSXR600-750) and the instrument panel (although it might be a little chunky when you are looking at the bike, instead of riding it).

    EDIT: Was confused what was under the bike until I read the press release:

    Also the front brakes are only 2-pot (going up to 3-pot for the ABS version), I would have expected a bit better there. Don't understand why naked bikes get the shaft when it comes to enhanced features. I understand it is probably to keep the price down (as they are meant to be cheaper than their super-sports brethren) but I would pay extra for better brakes. Although it does have USD forks, which is nice.

    Oh and a decent photograph would be nice, can't really see anything on black background with middling lighting.
  12. i like it, including the exhaust. instrument panel doesnt look right, too bulky, but will have to wait for better pics to judge for sure.
  13. DAYUM!

    That's a stunner!

    Wish they'd get off their arse and give the 900 some love.
  14. Very ER-6n like !
    The lights and underslung exhaust are examples of its similarities.

    Sad to say, I agree, it has lost the CB series look to it. :cry:

    Looks tough though !
  15. Agreed. Like cafe racers, there is no "original" streetfighter, because, by definition, a factory can't make one. Never mind...

    The headers are a gem - sexiest since the CB400/4

    I particularly like the belly-mount torpedo, but should explosives be that close to the header pipes?

    The instrument binnacle is cool. Now I know what to do with my old PS2 controllers.

    Noice. I'd have one.
  16. I preferred the old skool look meself.
  17. Actually, looking at some of those side-on shots, particularly the ones that aren't gold, the bike is starting to "shrink" on me a bit. And it's getting royally shit-canned at the Nest.
  18. yeah i had a good read through there - and not many people like it at all!!
    I like SOME aspects of it - i.e all the technological improvements are WAY overdue..ABS, Fuel Injection, better suspension, HISS, etc.

    But I just don't think it looks like a Hornet anymore - looks like a Kwaka.

    And I still think mine is nicer! lol.

    Pagan should be having a look at it soon, I wonder what he'll say?
  19. :shock: WOW I like it! Looks very Speed tripple to me, and thats a good thing. Very different to what I thought It would be. Hope Honda bring em out here, March 2007 hmmm be just in time, my restrictions end then!
  20. that's one thing i definitely agree with - regardless of what I think of it, Honda really need a naked middleweight in Australia otherwise they'll keep losing buyers. The Hornet 600 has always been a great choice for people upgrading and Aus needs it badly!