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SA Here is what I propose

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RRdevil, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. http://au.news.yahoo.com/sa/a/20575...port-speed-limit-review-transport-department/

    This is going to happen quicker than we think. Say goodbye to 80kph all roads not deemed main highway will be 60kph.

    So here is my proposal. I'm proposing a protest ride to the city to show these 'employees of the people' that they work for us. That these knee jerk reactions to an already low road toll will not be tolerated by us, as we are their employer. We put them where they are by electing them. We can take it away.

    I am new to this 'take action' stance and all help would be appreciated by those who have done this kind of thing.

    Remember this will affect everyone, from the locals who enjoy a nice ride through the beautiful hills, to those who are visiting and want to ride some of the most scenic places.

    I propose firstly we gather up all the people we can. A couple thoughts are to start an anti speed limit drop Facebook page then once we have big membership we can ride/drive (for those with nice cars) into the city to deliver a message to this bullshit government

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  2. Ban drugs, people still get drugs.
    Ban guns, people still get guns.
    Ban speeding, people still speed - But lets lower the limit so we can capitalize.

    Grab your pitchforks and torches.
  3. MBMG yea we all have our limits. Lowering speeds on my favourite roads to stupid levels is mine, is that a crime.

    I just hope all the druggies get guns and shoot each other, problem solved.
  4. I hear ya RR. Heard the segment on tonights news and yelled at the tv, my wife just gave me a weird look...but yeah it will be absolute bullshit WHEN these restrictions are implemented...only a matter of time now.
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  5. So what shall we do? We have to do something.
  6. @robsalvv
  7. Yeah I hope we do something about it though, we really are becoming a nanny state/nation. It's not all so bad at the moment for Vic but I feel it's the tip of the iceberg. I always thought it was a relatively safe thing to remove yourself from congested/busy roads and go to the country to really open your bike up. That way if something unfortunate happens at least you are only responsible for yourself as opposed to hitting another car for example.

    I can handle fixed "safety" cameras because they have signs. I can barely handle portable speed guns because I can usually spot them and they don't go where I go. But if they are saying FCUK IT LETS JUST LOWER THE LIMIT. Well sh*t, why would I bother even riding in Australia in the first place. Rant over.
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  8. But a link to another story from


    "Thirty-two per cent of those killed were not wearing a seatbelt and 26 per cent of all fatal crashes involved excessive speed."

    So, does that mean 74 per cent were at the speed limit or below or were driving at a speed suitable for the conditions?

    I could also infer that 68 per cent were killed wearing a seat belt.

    "SA also recorded 800 serious injuries last year, putting the state close to its goal of less than 800 by 2020.
    However, the death toll remains well above the 80 or less the state government has targeted over the same period.
    Ms Williams said while every road death or serious injury was one too many, the toll had been reducing steadily for a number of years."
  9. What can we do? At the end of the day the core reason motivating this change is money. So really, there is nothing we can do. I had always favored what the Americans did to speed cameras and just shoot the fcukers but then ACA would go ape-shit. And besides with the amount of money "safety" cameras generate I wouldn't be surprised if there was another one there in the morning and a patrol car next to it. In all honesty I would hope someone would suggest that it isn't speed that is the danger, it is the drivers. Sure speeding is dangerous but it isn't the sole cause of an accident. It is merely a factor. If you fall from a height and unfortunately die, it isn't the height that is the cause it is the operation or interference that is the cause. Height is merely a factor, whether it be a 1m fall or a 100m fall. This really gets my motorboat going because I know that in 5 years time when I finish uni and can afford my dream bike(s) I wont actually get to use them because we will all have bombs strapped to our chests and if we exceed the limit by 5km or so then BOOM.
  10. Speed is a factor that gets added to a crash commonly when no other cause is evident.

    Waiting to see if Rob could give me some pointers of how to get this started.
  11. A guy got arrested here a couple weeks ago for using a slingshot to smash about 10 fixed cameras. When I see a camera car I feel like pulling in front of it and backing into it
  12. This needs someone "at The Coalface".
  13. Yes it does. But who is it. This affects more than just motorcyclists.
  14. I'm with you devil , the speed limits in the hills are already ludicrously low . But like you i have no idea . Probably needs someone from local branch of the MRA to be involved . Problem with that is it's not just a motorcycle issue so they may not be interested in pursuing it .
    I have a long held belief that there are influential people in government or who have the government's ear that are pro cycling , and that their mission is to reduce speed limits to make cycling in the hills safer (eg reduce the speed differential between cyclists and vehicles) .
    Maybe I'm just a paranoid conspiracy theorist ?
  15. I think you're on to something
  16. I'm going out on a ride Tuesday night with AMG , pretty sure Martin is going - he's got some involvement with the MRA , I'll have a chat with him and see what he thinks .
  17. I think I have Tuesday off. Might see if I can join you
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  18. Would be good if you can .
  19. Do any minor parties hold seats anywhere relevant? It could be an opportunity for them to get together on an issue and have some influence if they were lobbied. Lobbying MPs from major parties is an option but I doubt it would have enough effect.

    I think (might be wrong) that Aus is signatory to some stupid UN convention to reduce road deaths (something valid in countries such as Sth Africa or India). If that is correct the constant attention on speeding and speed could just be so that Mr UN delegate can say how good we are (e.g. hey guys the same # of people got injured but less of them died).

    Meanwhile the number of road deaths is insignificant in comparison to many health issues, but addressing that isn't seen as profitable in the immediate term.
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  20. @RRdevil have a look at Boileau VeloAdelaide website (23rd March 2014) - guaranteed to make your blood boil !!