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here is my toy

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by maddog, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. :grin: here she is, its a 1985 GSXR750, goes great. 105hp and 175kg dry she is a light weight. The original bike that rewrote what a sports bike is :cool: I love her to bits, i remember when i was young in school reading about these when released, always wanted one :grin: Rear shock was shot so i fitted a slightly later model GSXR1100 one to it, had to modify a little but its in and all good, rather stiff but should handle great i think! Just waiting for a fine day to take her for a ride to get front shocks rebuilt then she should be all good hopefully and i can get down to enjoying it! :grin: If anyone has a rear seat cowl they want to sell please let me know


    [IMG:800:600:55b0724986]http://img83.imageshack.us/img83/5059/gsxr3wt1.jpg[/img:55b0724986][/U :)
  2. Beast.

    One of my old bikes:

  3. looks great judge!
  4. geoff! what kindo suzuki is that! do they come with those wheels standard? is that the original paint?

    how big? whats the poke like?
  5. GSXR750. 89 or 90 model. Been that long now that I can't remember. As far as I know everything was standard, I bought it used. Pretty pokey little beast, used to vibrate a lot at high revs.
  6. Nice Bike Maddogg.

    Restoring one myself.
    Shes looking good for her age.
    Theyre real fun to ride. sure youll love it.

    Let us know if you find 2 cowls cause ill take 1. Been looking a long time.
  7. thanks junkie :) Will do mate ;) I am hoping once suspension is done i can just enjoy it for a while and not have any problems ( already done oil cooler as well and a charging problem and now suspension, only had it a few weeks ) haha, hopefully its the end of the problems :)