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Here is an idea - SYD CBD NR'ers !!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. I know of a few NR members working in the Sydney CBD, I'm thinking who is keen on organising a fortnightly or monthly NR catch-up lunches, say on fridays.

    Does not have to be formal, just meet somewhere to catch up. We can alternate venues from food court to food court or open spaces.

    Why don't we kick one off this friday ?

    dragonreborn ? black636 ? chrissie ???

    We'll make it easy for ya Colette and make it at the Australia Square street level food court, near the bike parking area. :p

    Any other takers ????
  2. No mnetion of Panthus. It's so lonley out here in the wild wild west.

    I'll just go and sit by the exhaust stack, eat my cheese sandwich, watch the disease ridden pigeons fly by and think what could have been if only i still worked in town....*sigh*
  3. I would stand out a bit in uniform in the middle of all you suits! :LOL:
  4. i found a nice spot for monthly meetings , called bikecafe its on parramatta rd somewere
  5. 'sif you can complain!

    I don't think any other NR's live within 100 K of me!
  6. Mental note, if Greg arrives in sailor whites, must not wear pink shirt ! :rofl:

    Just come in GDs then, don't look like an officer ! LOL
    But that will disappoint Chrissie, you know what she is like with men in uniform ! LOL
  7. Oh, really! She's been keeping that quiet. :LOL:
  8. Fireman, National Parks and RTA Inspectors only I think Gregg !!
  9. I guess blue just doesn''t do it for her! :cry:
  10. yeah, I am in. I am near the meet point! However I cant do this friday because I have the christmas party! free food and booze!

    Peace, Micky let us know when its on!
  11. guys, it's not about profession or colour
    it's about stripping the uniform :twisted:

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Yeah I am in if no other lunch appointment (meeting)
    Friday is mufty day so i will show up in thongs (the footwear!)
    Where is Australia Square ?
    Another good place is Hyde Park, just bring brown bag/picnic and sit on the lawn :cool:
  12. LOL, Gregg pulls out the Full Monty soundtrack !! :LOL:

    Picnic !!
    I can't be seen having a picnic !!
    Too romantic girly like !! :eek:
  13. Sign me up Micky m'boy!
  14. What time are you guys having lunch? And, where exactly is Australia Square?

    I may be able to make it. I work in The Rocks.

  15. So are we on or what?
  16. I have meetings all mornign tomorrow.
    Will advise this arvo.
  17. The later the better for me...
  18. I can try and get there but my lunch times can easily get mucked up, so what time?

  19. How far west are you?

    Also, in you signature... is that 3rd 'pic' Galston G' ?
  20. I live in Bathurst.

    I dunno what galstonG is... but that 3rd pic, the awesome corner, is a little side road off the Bells line of road that heads to a place called Mt Wilson.

    It was a really nice corner...

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.