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here...have another!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Billsy, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. She loves like there`s no tomorrow,
    Has her life been filled with sorrow?
    Why`s she here? What`d she do?
    Who`d she hurt, is the human race so cruel?
    Spaniel x, black as night,
    Companionship is her only delight.
    Dark little eyes, pale as they may be,
    Sunshine and happiness is all I see.
    Tennis ball thrown, she drops it back in my hand,
    She needs no introduction, she has it all planned.
    Such a small dog with a heart on fire,
    To love and be loved, she`ll never tire.
    Wonder what she thinks, wonder how she feels,
    No more careless owners, no more shady deals.
    Her life has just changed, the Creator has spoken,
    And those ‘pale’ little eyes will be cleaned and open.
    To a world of seasons changing,
    And lives re arranging.
    For, someone has been waiting for you, my little heartstring girl,
    To awaken them from gloominess, you`re the oyster`s pearl.
    You`ll show what love and simplicity are,
    By just being, that`s who you are.
    So, little dark eyed girl, with dancing feet,
    I`ll love you forever.