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NSW Here comes the muffler noise crackdown...

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by snuff3r, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/prod/lc/lcpaper.nsf/0/C3E8B7DDE2F1B6E9CA2578B100335C28/$file/Q110616.19.pdf

  2. How about we just buy everyone who complains some ear plugs? Has to be cheaper.
  3. Where's the responding question: How many lives have been saved by having loud pipes?

  4. Actually, on that topic I had a grandmother teaching her daughter to ride a pushbike in my street yesterday. I got about 5m out of the driveway and she heard me, grabbed the kid and bike and walked to the kerb. If I was driving a Prius, and I was..stupid, they could both be dead. Probably.
  5. My Leo's came yesterday arvo for the Viffer. 1st job will be taking the baffles out. They will be on in a couple of hours.
    So there's my response. Fark em I say.
  6. National Baffles Out Day - 3/7/2011.
  7. I can't hear their complaints over my exhaust (y)
  8. Just sent this:
    "Dear Mr Pearce,
    On 16 June, 2011 a question was asked of you in Parliament concerning the volume of motorcycle exhausts. As you are no doubt aware, motorcycles do indeed have a different standard noise level requirement under ADR. Motorcycles and Trucks are allowed to be a full 3dB louder than passenger cars. In terms of audible sound, 3dB represents what is considered to be minimum definable audible difference.
    In other words, if a noise were to be played twice with a 3dB difference then most people would be able to define which of the two playings were louder. It is for this reason that many people mistakenly believe that motorcycles are unduly noisy.
    The 3db difference is present for reasons of safety. In the case of trucks it’s to warn drivers of passenger vehicles of impending danger and in the case of motorcycles it is to notify drivers of passenger vehicles of the presence of easily hidden motorcycles.
    Motorcyclist consider this noise differential of prime importance to their safety and the argument is very strong to legislate that this noise differential to be even greater. The drivers behind this thought are; bikes are no louder than trucks (and thus can be masked by their presence) and modern passenger vehicles have much higher levels of sound insulation.
    Unfortunately the safety concern in this area is so great, and real ,that many motorcyclists feel they must modify their exhausts in order to increase their safety level. It is this practice that leads to unpleasant level of motorcycle noise emissions. The best way to curb this practice would be to allow motorcycles to be a further 3dB louder than trucks.
    Eliminating the current difference will only encourage more motorcyclists to modify their exhausts and thus making the problem worse. Equally, heavy handed enforcement of the current law is also unlikely to be effective and if successful in reducing noise, will be equally successful in raising the motorcycle accident rate in built-up areas.
    As mentioned previously if the law is to change it should be to increase the differential and thus provide a positive outcome for all parties. Personally I would prefer cars and trucks to be quieter .
    I hope this help you in answering your parliamentary question."

    CCd in Robyn parker
  9. Excellent!
  10. Was that 3dB over the acceptable noise level?
  11. So what you are saying is you want to allow Bikes, to be 4X louder than cars?
    I can see the general public being very sympathetic and allowing of our existence then :s
  12. emailed them
  13. Log 10 scale, so not even twice as loud.
  14. Could not have said it better myself! Well done.
  15. these NSW libs are onto the important issues.....tearing up newly laid bike lanes, loud mufflers......next they will be bringing in fines for swearing...
  16. Aren't most bikes sold here with systems that meet a lower European noise level? If that's still the case, then they might already be mostly closer to or at the level of cars and below what's actually allowed here. I thought that was the case a few years back.

    Also, at least some drivers pissed off at seeing riders not get stuck in traffic like they are would likely pick the premise of noise for the sake of padding their pointless whinge.
  17. sorry but i just sent a copy of this also
  18. I've received no response. It will be interesting to see what the answer in parliament is