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here.com street view censorship question

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ferkel, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Hi

    I am a new comer to this forum, and want to ask a question that's been bugging me for a few months. It's regarding censoring street view images of the here.com mapping service (a mapping service similar to google maps).

    Last December a here.com car drove past my house as I was pulling into my drive way. Knowing that this company had taken images of my bike in front of my house, I was concerned that my bike would become known to criminals in my area. I live in a bad area, and 13 years ago (in a different region in Australia), had issues with criminals trying to steel my bike. So, I am very weary/paranoid. Here.com (unlike google maps) have no method to censor street views online. So, tried to make contact to them through their software application feedback page (the only method I could find). I managed to contact a here.com complaints representative based in Melbourne. He was very understanding of my situation, but after two phones over a space of three months, it became apparent that he could only provide comfort.

    Has anybody had any experiences in this matter ?. What course of action did you take ?. Any help/advice will be appreciated.

    Nb/ I am not against street view mapping service. If I was pulling up in my car, the same event would not worry me.

  2. News to me that they've even added a street view in Aus. In fact I can't even work out how to see it.
  3. If someone goes to that much trouble (trolling street views for who knows how long) in order to pinch my bike - they can have it.

    That's what insurance is for after all

    Maybe I look at things differently, but there's more important things to worry about I reckon

    As far as your question goes, can't help but also can't see how to get street view up either...
  4. You need to download the app.


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  5. Hi Cougs. I don't want to sound rude or assuming, but you sound like somebody who has never had a home invasion. Is this correct ?
  6. Correct

    I just found it intersting that you were worried about the bike but if in the car would no be concerned
  7. Thanks Mouth.

    Cougs: My car is an old hatchback that's worth a few thousand bucks. If my car got stolen it wouldn't upset me. The bike however is very unique and I have a different mindset with bikes. You are probably right- nothing to worry about. As for wrestling with the insurance companies after bike is recovered, and they will only fix cosmetic damage, don't get me started ! :)
  8. A little paranoid there ferkelferkel, I highly doubt crims will look at here maps as a resource for bike theft. Far more likely to get followed home.
  9. Icemaker: Yes I am. The criminals I am thinking of are professionals and not the majority opportunistic/unsophisticated crims. I had a mate who lives 2 km away get held up at gun point last year for his bike. He advertised it on Gumtree. There's been a handful of cases on the news feeds about people getting held up via Gumtree ads in Adelaide over a couple of years, plus experiences I've heard from riders at meets. So, if they are using Gumtree, why not extend that to mapping services as well ?. In Adelaide, if you park your bike where it is seen from the road, it's only a matter of time before it is stolen and the busier the road the greater the likelyhood. Mapping service is the same as doing this in my opinion. As Cougs mentioned, this would be a lot of effort, but anything is possible.
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  10. Unfortunately there is no law stopping someone from taking or publishing photo/video of you on your own property, so long as the footage was taken on public property/their own property. I assume you are not actually identifiable in the photo so that makes it doubly hard to argue. I think you're up sh*t creek on a legal front :(
  11. You make it sound like you live in a Mad Max world!
    Look I dont know if your exaggerating or not but the only advise I could offer is sort your insurance out and take the necessary precautions to make your bike safe.
    As mentioned above I don't think you will get anywhere with the map guys, Im sure they have been advised as to what they can and cant show legally on street view before they put it on web for the world to see.
  12. Thanks all for the advice and recommendations :), most appreciated.