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Herald Sun's Miranda Devine excuses away SMIDSY

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. In her opinion piece about the Warne / cyclist incident, Miranda Divine has made it clear that cyclists aren't wanted and that because of the size of modern car pillars, drivers are entitled to miss seeing VRU's.


    Though the article is directed at cyclists, it's equally applicable for motorcyclists. The fact that some bimbo is arguing that SMIDSY is legitimate and OK, even if it's an opinion piece designed to stir trouble, is utterly fracking disgusting.

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  2. Any letters written must address the pillars bit.
  3. She's wrong of course - if cars have huge side pillars it is all the more drivers' responsibility to make sure they know what's around them.
    But it really is hard to see with some modern cars. Was driving a current model Commode last week, and astonished at how difficult it was to see around the A pillar!

    I do like this bit:
    So who exactly DOESN'T have this responsibility?
  4. She and Jill Singer can stick their heads up each others аsses instead of their own for a while.
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  5. wow, she's making our case for us. Only difference is, she seems to be saying it's fine the way it is.
  6. It's thoroughly revolting in its own right but to really lay bare the misguidedness of the sentiment expressed replace the word "cyclists" with "children".
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  7. Reading that article made me feel ill, the woman is a dead set moron.
  8. The pillars on the Lancer I have driven can hide a freaking car from a few meters away. Guess it's ok for me to have a head on when turning right then.
    Stupid twat of a woman.
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  9. What a well thought out, articulate article. =D>

    If truck drivers can manage on our roads your f*cking pillars are no excuse biatch. What's that? Oh, sorry, I assumed you were accountable for your own actions like the rest of us, obviously not, carry on. ](*,)

    The whole number plate for cyclist argument is just a waste of time; already police are loathe to do anything about reported incidents between cars/bikes etc where no accident or injuries occur; why will that change if we register eleventy billion bicycles?

    If anything, it will go the other way.
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  10. Brilliant.
  11. I'm not really a Shane Warne fan but I do sorta support him on this issue.
    I have spent many years riding/driving/trucking around the inner suburbs and some cyclists can be real nongs. Arrogant and suicidal are another couple of words that spring to mind.
    As a mate once said to me just after we locked up the wheels of the truck we were in coz a cyclist rode off the footpath and across a pedestrian crossing at about 40kph......"lucky pushbikes can't fly as they would claim the sky as well". I thought that summed up the situation nicely.
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  12. I am so glad that woman made her way out of the paper I read (smh). She is like a train wreck, everything she writes is horrible, but you can't help but read it.
  13. So you are okay with blaming cyclists, children, motorcyclists, because your pillars are too thick?
  14. I don't think it's the pillars that are thick :D.
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  15. Take a piece of paper and a pen. Sticky tape it to your dashboard. Everytime you see a car being a nong (at the first safe oppurtunity), put a tally mark next to car, everytime you see a bicyclist be a nong put a tally mark next to cyclist. You will have filled up your sheet next to car before you get 5 ticks next to cyclist.
  16. Smee, not blaming anyone mate but it good to see that car visibility issues/safety has now been raised for public debate.
  17. Whatever happened to the word, accountability.!
    These latest generations of Australians are retarded on so many levels...it's shameful but they accept it as normal.

    And what the feck is all this juvenile tweeting by adults...isn't that crap for 5yr olds!?
    Is it all part of the dramatic increase in narcissism!!?, in tune with the Internet!

    What the feck is happening to Australia.!
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  18. I usually see accountability being mistaken for 'political correctness gone mad' :p
  19. It's a guy who's never had a real job. He stands around and sometimes plays with a ball and is famous for that.

    Poor education, a culture of ripping each other off, no personal responsibility, nanny state governance, censorship, erosion of liberties… Should I keep going?
  20. I would pay a dollar to see that
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