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Herald Sun Leaves Motorcycles out of Gridlock Trial

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jdkarmch, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Herald Sun today page 5

    See http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,19964002-2862,00.html

    Heral Sun ran a race between a Car, bicycle and a Penny Farthing from Warrigaul Rd to Fed Square in peak hour traffic.

    But, they didn't include any motorcycles....... :mad: :evil: :evil:

    Anyone want to join me in a Challenge????

    Bike wins over car in gridlock

    Liam Houlihan

    July 31, 2006 12:00am

    MELBOURNE'S gridlocked peak-hour traffic has slumped to roughly the same speed as a 60-year-old on a penny farthing, our experiment has found.

    The Herald Sun trial also revealed chronic congestion makes it quicker to pedal a pushbike from suburbs to the CBD along gravel tracks than drive a four-cylinder sedan on major city roads.
    The results are more bad news for the state's 3.4 million motorists already under pressure from high petrol prices, tollways and rising vehicle costs.

    The time tests pitted a bicycle and a penny farthing against a car with a top speed of 180km/h over a 17km course from Chadstone to Federation Square during morning peak.
  2. No need to be angry, the article is just saying that EVEN a penny farthing is quicker than being in a cage... I see no problem.
  3. And where is your Spirit of Competition :?:

    A motorcycle could have blitzed them all on this one.

    Now Bicycle Vic has something more to add to their "war chest" of reasons why the Govt should thow more $millions at them.

    If motorcycles had been included - it may have given us a stronger argument for things like legalizing lanesplitting, being given our own road space, being recognised for our contribution to the environment - and the list goes on...

    See no problem - yep we lose again...... :( :(
  4. So the bike only made it 2km, dosnt sound like it won to me.
    Next day dosnt count cheaters.

    And the penny-farting got thrashed, newspapers will distort anything to make a story of nothing.

    I agree we need a rematch with motorcycle, get ghostrider to do it and it will take about 3 minutes.

    Dont look to public transport, in NSW its faster to run :LOL:
  5. They should also be adding a PT competitor (Or even a fiew using diferent methods)
  6. yeah i just bought myself a road racer bike, im going to start riding to work i use the same path as the one they used. Its a easy track (no hills) try doing the same test on the road, dont think it would be that easy.
    Would be interested to have a proper road challenge - motorbike vs car vs pushbike vs train(pub transport)
  7. You'd probably get a better response from the newspaper if you said "you didn't include the up and coming transport alternative the motor scooter!".

    More mainstream and more likely to appeal to a non enthusiast demographic... and it'd still get us that two wheeled alternative included.
  8. :rofl: its always bad news when anything positive is said about bicycles hey :p :p :p

    and if the race was run with the motorcycle not breaking any laws, i'd say you'd still find the outcome pretty similar still. if you dont break any laws on a motorbike, the only real advantage over a cage is parking and fuel costs.

    i agree that motorcycles do need to get pushed more, and that they would reduce congestion and pollution a fair whack if laws were changed and more people used them. but i dont see what having a quick snipe at bicycles every time something positive about them is said/done is going to do to help anything.
  9. And of course the bicycle obeyed all the traffic laws and didn't run red lights? :LOL:

    About 3 years ago the Age did a similar run from the airport to St Kilda - Porsche 911 vs a Vespa 150.

    The Vespa broke no laws and wasn't allowed to lanesplit or filter. It won by >20 minutes... :LOL: Far more when parking was taken into account.

    It won because the rider had the ability to see far enough ahead to make appropriate decisions about which lane he was in and by having the ability to move through the traffic to take advantage of any gaps.

  10. Well, I think that it is important.

    Every time bicycles get a mention in the Herad Sun - they get at least a Half Page.

    Every time motorcycles get a mention - its just a few paragraphs - tucked away - way - way back in the paper.

    They publish articles devoted to how great bicycles are almost every week.

    I see them get $millions - while we are forced to pay $millions.

    Snipe :?: :mad: Axe Grinding ....... :twisted: :p
  11. when i was a pushy messenger we'd beat cars and a few motorbikes to most CBD destinations, but that's mostly in part to our total disregard for traffic islands, footpaths, stairs and one-way streets.
  12. again, i dont see what holding this beef with bicycles does to help your cause :?:

    just comes across as a big old case of sour grapes to me, and to quite a few others i'd imagine. again, i'd love to see some kind of motorcycle utopia emerge in our great country, but crying 'not fair!' every time something positive happens to bicycles isn't going to bring that along any quicker i'd be thinking :wink:

    whatever you may think, bicycles ARE a valid form of transport, and will be for some time (possibly more so as congestion increases). we get lanes of our own because sharing with other users peeves everyone. cars dont want us on the road and pedestrians dont want us on the footpath, where do we go? to our own lane.

    but really, it sounds like your gripe is with newspapers, not bicycles. remember, they'd put kylies battle with cancer or warnies sex romps or prince charles' corgie taking a crap in a public place in front of a motorcycle story. its got nothing to do with cyclists and everything to do with how little everyone thats not a motorcyclist cares about motorcycles.
  13. probably. not all bicycles run red lights, just like not all motorcycles wheelie through traffic at 150kph.

    on my short (8km) commute to work in fairly light traffic on main roads with high speed limits without breaking a single law, i was only a couple of minutes behind my motorbike times and usually ahead of my car times.
  14. The problem with the story is that it wasn't a real "challenge". If it had included motorcycles/scooters and public transport as well then there would have been some validity to it. :roll:

    However being the Herald-Sun you can't really expect anything much in the way of thought. :LOL:

    The car driver appears to be an idiot too (sorry, a tautology there I know) - why turn up Hoddle Street to get to Fed Square instead of going straight up the Exhibition Street extension and turning left at Flinders St? That must have cost him significant time as well. :LOL:

  15. Yeah I agree, Sport gets about 20 pages daily to, we should all rage against sport! And that ASX crap, get rid of that, they get a couple of pages every day as well :evil:

    Poor widdle motorbikes :roll: :p :LOL:

    Don't newspapers include articles they deem to be the most interesting to the majority of it's readers? Doesn't that tell you something about WHY the lack of motorcycle articles? Nothing to do with relevance at all.
  16. yeah well.... you wont hear any argument from me if you wanna call the herald sun somewhat lacking in the smarts department :LOL:
  17. I suspect that somebody came and offered to do a race using the Penny Farthing and it developed from there. :LOL:

    Mind you it would have been interesting to see the expressions on the bicycle path when some of them got overtaken by it. In the hands (feet?) of a skilled operator those things can really move. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Actually as well as motorcycles and public transport - to be really fair we should include roller blades and a monocycle too :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Re: Herald Sun Leaves Morcycles out of Gridlock Trial

    They also didn't include horses, unicycles, buses, trucks, camels, trains, helicopters, hoverboards, rollerblades, skateboards or UFO's......................

    ....don't see them complaining :roll:

    I don't see any mention that this is "the most complete test" ever done anywhere? They just got a couple of bikes and a car and said, lets see what happens.
  19. I can't see the Herald sun buying themselves a whole heap of trouble by involving motorcycles. Like Coco says, the only way a M/C is going to win is by breaking the letter of the law. Would they be happy to encourage that? I don't think so.
    As a piece of spin, it doesn't do us any particular harm. It highlights the problem of congestion, and offers up bicycles as a solution. Some readers may then make the conceptual jump to include (naughty!) motorcycles. We're slightly ahead.
    Let the treadlies take the win, and any subsequent heat for being light-jumpers. Any battles about lane usage, legislation and so on can be fought elsewhere, without trying to win this one.
    ('Sides - we might lose!)
  20. Re: Herald Sun Leaves Morcycles out of Gridlock Trial

    they left camels out????

    :evil: that just makes me MADDDDDDDDDDDD :evil: :evil:

    wonder how a llama would go

    and a duck, a llama and a duck