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Herald sun can no longer accomodate jill singer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by chicken78, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Herald Sun can no longer accomodate singers columns but wish her well in the future...


    Jill Singer.
    JOURNALIST Jill Singer has been ''boned'' from the Herald Sun after 15 years as a columnist but is hoping it's too early to declare an ''annus horribilis''. Editor Simon Pristel wrote her a letter, saying the opinion pages could no longer ''accommodate'' her column but wished her well for the future. Singer isn't feeling too optimistic after losing a WorkCover compensation claim for her disabled partner, Peter Davidson, the Federation Square architect who had a stroke 18 months ago. This follows last year's email stoush with architect Don Bates about her partner's health. Singer poured her heart out on Twitter, saying a column she wrote about caring for Davidson was knocked back, but when I asked Pristel if this was the reason for her ''boning'', he said: ''To quote a certain tennis player, you cannot be serious.'' Thanks, John McEnroe. Singer lamented that her column was replaced by one about Lara Bingle, Kim Kardashian and reality TV, and she made a gibe that women should only write about ''women's issues''. Singer told me: ''I am disappointed I didn't get a phone call. I would have liked to have been told why.'' Andrew Bolt is unlikely to be too upset because last year he thundered that ''If I ran this paper I'd sack Singer'', the ''resident feminist ideologue'', after she had a go at Tony Abbott for saying women needed to save their virginity for marriage. Pristel, who ran a photo of a giant pumpkin on page one yesterday, needs to remind Bolt that he's in charge of when the soup's on.

  2. Just read it and was about to post but checked just in case...about time I reckon.
  3. yeah long over due, her articles reminded me of a 13yo's internet blog
  4. Good riddance to her.
  5. ohh, I'm going to so miss her......................NOT!
  6. we should get her to blog in here
  7. I'd have boned her too.
  8. Mwahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL:
  9. Karma sucks hey!
    Now let's get rid of Bolt, Devine, and Albrechsten and we can be rid of total "**** Tards" in the commercial media.
  10. Heard this on the radio, good work Simon.
  11. wonderful news
  12. Jill Singer went batshit insane a few years back. The only difference between her and any other columnist is that she actually has the certificates to prove it.
  13. and this is why we need an "EWWWW no thanks!" button
  14. Getting the sack from the the H-dog for writing rubbish is like getting fired from being unemployed. A testament to JS's skills.
  15. Haha, she had that coming!
  16. [​IMG]

    All yours mate... I wont fight you for her
  17. If that's the worst photo of her, I'm still a definite yes.
  18. I like your style. You'd be the ultimate wingman to have around I reckon hahaha