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Herald sun Asks for Road Blackspot Deathtraps (get your ema

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by helina handbasket, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. The death of seven people in a horror smash at a blackspot in country Victoria has prompted the government to review dangerous intersections.
    TELL US: Do you know of a deadly intersection? Tell us where it is and what should be done to make it safe. Post your description below, and if you have a digital photograph of the location, email it to pics@heraldsun.com.au.

    Herald Sun
  2. hell, you could make a straight divided and fenced road with no cross streets on ramps etc and people would still kill 'emselves!

    yeah, yeah, not a bad idea, but how much work can you ever put into 'fixing roads' to cover for numpties who fall asleep, drink, can't handle an animal on the road so they drive into a tree to avoid it etc.

    oh hell, i'm going to suggest lemming corner is a blackspot and they should fix it by levelling the mountain and turning it into a straight flat road all the way to wollombi.
  3. Hi,
    Would it not be fare to say that "Town Planning" and "Legal care taker" who's it's responsibility would be to assess the implementation of road construction and development be held accountable for their actions/inactions towards road safety due to due-dilligence!

    I mean that if an engineer was found to be guilty for gross neglilgence he could face a prison sentence!

    Then I would say the the state's are hereby incompetent due to the lack of "duty of care" to its public taxpayers and ultimately the federal government for allowing such actions/inactions to take place for decades!

    I'm sure that the "black spots" are known and have been reported a great many times but due to the cost to implementation to changes it is not seen fit until it costs lives! (It's not about what is bad. It's all about what makes them look bad that makes them take action!)

    They should all face jail and be stripped of there assets and or associated property trusts when found guilty!

    The real criminals hide behind there desks and are above the law!


  4. hahahahaha
    *tears streaming down face*

    thanks for the best laugh i've had this week :LOL:
  5. I have a new favourite word!
  6. my work here is done!
  7. Hi bonox,

    Glad to see someone is enjoying the show keep the tear comming because we haven't had good rain in a while!

    I wonder if the politicians have put there fingers in the Herald to collect the information regarding Black Spots! Then publish that same information as a public notice hence wiping there hands clean.

    Have you ever seen a "Black Spot Ahead" sign on a 100Km/h zone?

    Just because they have a sign dosen't make it any safer!

    If you want to get someones attention the sign should read "DANGER AHEAD we F@#KED UP!"

    I don't know why they call the AFL players professionals, they are all second rate when comparing them to politicians because a politician can offload and out-handball a footballer any time with there eyes closed!

  8. Re: Herald sun Asks for Road Blackspot Deathtraps (get your

    I got my submission to them posted up on their web site. I see a couple of others from here did as well.

    Well done guys!!!! :grin: :grin:

    Strongly recommend more go and leave a comment - let's get stuck into them.....

    Have a look here Herald Sun
  9. Yep and you can ignore problems all you want too, that don't get nothing fixed either, wether it be unskilled riders/drivers and or roads themselves, or a mixture of both.
  10. mate, my point was that every intersection is dangerous - hell, if yanks can kill themselves on a nice round track with everyone going in the same direction and having a 'professional' driving background, what chance has anyone else got when you put radios, phones, kids, sleep into the equation?

    This is one of those things where everyone jumps up and down for a little while, then we all go back to the status quo and wait for the next one to happen.

    As for intersections, if you want to make them safer, put those quick rise bollards at every set of lights - you'd stop people driving through red lights and killing those in the right, but you'd also still get rear enders and bikes dying squashed between cars since you're not allowed to filter. It is not a fixable problem for the country as a whole.
  11. MRAA Media Release 29 Sep

    It sounds like after what has happened on our roads this month that Vic Roads has started to change their ways.

    For anyone that is interested MRAA sent this out today.