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Her name is... Bug

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  1. Mick M submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Her name is... Bug

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  2. Love the strom!
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  3. Looks sweet as Mick, nice one.
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  4. Wow, looks new!!!
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  5. Looking good, congratulations.
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  6. Nice insect!
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  7. very nice hope you have many happy Ks
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  8. I have a Vstrom too and also found the air buffeting terrible so bought an aftermarket Madstadt windscreen which is much, much better as it is height and angle adjustable. Also found it useful to add mirror extenders, so I can see what is directly behind me.
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  9. I found the windscreen on my 1000 is pretty reasonable but an aftermarket one is a definite improvement. Mirror extenders are a must IMHO :)
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