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Henry Tax review - mooted congestion tax

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/story/0,25197,26214098-5013871,00.html
    on the news tonite, "AUSTRALIA should consider introducing a congestion charge to tax drivers who travel on roads to the CBD, Treasury secretary Ken Henry said today.Concerns over climate change and the rise of new technology allowing authorities to track vehicles and charge electronic tolls is sparking a new debate on future congestion charges."

    mmmm, if this gets up will we as two wheeled users get bent over? they have heavily quoted this working london style, but looking here http://www.tfl.gov.uk/roadusers/congestioncharging/6713.aspx motorbikes are exempt as they should be!

    this will be an interesting report for the taxation system overall when released!
  2. All you climate change believers, can you post you addresses so we can come round and brick your houses as it's used to support stupidity like this :roll:???
  3. Nothing to do with climate change, just an overpaid public servant who happens to be treasury secretary (connection to tax?). spouting off at the mouth.
    They should not be seen and definitely not heard.
  4. Fecking BS. The idea is to encourage more people to use public transport. But our transport system SUCKS ASS. From many areas eg. northern beaches, getting to the city via buses is a total joke, takes 1-1.5 hours versus 40 minute to an hour in a car. Morons..
  5. Evel, you can't seriously think the NSW state government WOULDN'T charge motorcyclists to go into town if they had half the chance? It'll be pinged on everyone.
  6. I'd go further and suggest our motorcycle hating Labor governments would charge us double the rate of cars :?
  7. There is nowhere in Australia with a public transport system good enough to support this.

    Furthermore, we need to be going further away from becoming a police-run nanny state politically correct crapbasket like the UK, not following in their footsteps.
  8. Treasurers and accountants should have no say in ANYTHING, all they see is numbers.
  9. Look, we keep adding more and more people to our cities. There needs to be some mechanism to discourage people from driving in to the city during peak times.

    The Victorian state government has stated that scooters and motorbikes are part of the solution to the traffic woes in Melbourne. So I doubt motorbikes would subject to a congestion tax.

    I don't have a problem with a congestion tax if the money raised goes into public transport. Building more roads is not the answer.
  10. Henry is, and always has been, an idiot.
    Lenders was responding to this on ABC radio this morning on behalf of the state government and was very cool on the idea (or so it seemed).
    There was a bit of talk in which some respondents pointed out that the public transport system is a bursting point and simply can't take any more patrons during peak hour. It won't cut traffic because there is nowhere else practical for people to turn. It'll just collect more money on top of what they already have.
    Inevitably, the only support for the idea was from cyclists.

    If a state government feels like committing political suicide, here's the rope.
  11. [​IMG]

    Anybody get the feeling that if Europe heard about this, we'd be able to hear the laughter from here?

  12. Sorry for the hijack, but what do you believe? And before you read this the wrong way, I'm on your side ... believe the whole climate change rant is a load of bollocks. My question is, why do you think it's being pushed? Agenda?

    Perhaps a separate thread??

    Cheers & may the 2-wheeled force be with you :)
  13. The motivation is clear when no one ever proposed that perhaps rego on bikes over 250cc should be MUCH lower.

    The bridge toll of $4 for motorcycles? WHAT?!

    The worst thing is that they are trying to justify it on the grounds of reducing climate change, because if they did so on the millions of man hours wasted in congestion someone would point out that it already costs us a massive amount of money and time and that this comparatively small fee would only serve to fill their coffers and not create any significant change in travel arrangements. If you have a choice between a beer and toilet water increasing the price of beer by 10cents isn't going to make you drink the toilet water (VB :p).

    It's all about more money to the state - that's all it has ever been, what a useless bunch.
  14. Perhaps start one?

    My belief is that climate change is a political screen to promote big business. Methinks there are some very powerful people with a lot invested in so called 'carbon trading'.

    All about the dollars IMO.
  15. Once again Paul you denounce climate change, but in every debate regarding the issue you have had anything resembling evidence shot down while the counter argument has been thoroughly robust.
    Either provide evidence or stop with the Bovine Excriment
  16. Very well said. When the purpose is to get people to turn to public transport, ok the idea is somewhat valid. But the transport system is many areas cant cope as it is, with unacceptable travel times, lack of available services, etc. But for MANY there is no practicaloption other than driving/riding - taxing them more when they dont have the option of using public transport is utter shash. Fkn gvt..
  17. The climate change argument is not the same as the congestion issue. Low emissions vehicles are already becoming available (including things like the Vectrix scooter) and will eventually replace existing vehicles.

    However it's number of vehicles and road space usage that is the issue for congestion - and that's where motorcycles and scooters have the edge .
  18. Oh shit I totally just remembered I work for DEWHA.. should really try to do something.. lol
  19. Ok, so... I've known Ken Henry (from a distance) for quite a few years now and have to take exception to some of this banter :)

    Ken is one of the brightest people you're ever likely to come across, and focused on improving the wellbeing of Australians. Quite a lot of people think Treasury is all about the dollars - and they are simply wrong. The whole department, but Henry in particular, is focused on delivering on the mission statement - improving the wellbeing of Australians. (That really is Treasury's mission statement)

    Note that 'wellbeing' is not equal to 'bank balance'.

    Now, congestion taxes have been demonstrated to work wherever they are used - to decrease congestion, improve air quality, and importantly - provide the incentive for better public transport to be implemented.

    Until you have some kind of incentive, there just is no particular reason to spend money on this infrastructure... a congestion tax provides an immediate incentive.

    See this speech, under lesson 1:
  20. [​IMG]

    Did someone say in-cent-ive?