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Henry Griffitts Golf Clubs - Info Wanted

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Firstly, any golfers here who have heard of the "Henry Griffitts" brand of golf clubs? If so, what are they like and secondly, can someone point me to a site that sells them? I can't seem to find anything, other than some used ones on Ebay or the Trading Post.


  2. They are a very good brand, with good reviews and loyalty. They specialise in custom-fit clubs, so if your looking at a set, they may not necessarily be suited to you if they are a custom made set. And because of this they have poor resale value. Most golfers think the fitters are pretty shite though, and your money can be better spent elsewhere with better fitters.

    http://www.hggolf.com.au/ has all the info and details you want.
  3. Thanks. Yeah, that was mostly what Google was bringing up - custom fitters.

    I'll check out that website. Ta.
  4. Except what they cost....

    What is it with Aussie websites. They seem to be reluctant to put prices to products. We're doing extensive rennos on an older house that we bought. And trying to get prices on things is near impossible over the 'net.

    Shock horror, we're resorting to actually visiting suppliers and talking to real people....
  5. Update: My wife won a set of these H-G clubs, hence the original question. They've finally arrived. Now, she doesn't want them (and won't let me have 'em) so she wants to sell them.

    Thing is, we have no idea as to what to ask for them. We checked out the local golf shop, Drummonds, which doesn't sell them. Guy couldn't really, or wouldn't, perhaps, help us.

    Anyone know what sort of club, which I presume is a wedge, that has a "T" stamped on its head would be? "P" is pitching, "S" is sand, but we can't figure out what the "T" would mean. I suggested that perhaps it's for "tough" shots...