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Hennessy Venom GT

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Morbo28, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Based on the Elise...claiming 420kph, 0-100 in 2.4s

    I have always liked Lotus cars. Very nimble but of course a little underpowered...this could be the answer! :grin: Will be interesting to see Top Gear test it out. I have a feeling it will be a bit silly and wild to drive with TC off.

    More pics here.
    Original story here.
  2. It's a Hennessey project. That means when you order one, you give him your car, then he sells parts from it, and never builds what you paid for.
  3. I'll put you down for one then?
  4. I can't imagine it would be that much fun driving an 1070kilo/895kw car on the road.
  5. just like the russian bride, ill take 3
  6. Except unlike the Russian Bride this was published a couple of days ago.

    This car is Absolutely Wrong in all the Right ways, Without TC it would just be the scariest thing on wheels. Even with it, I can imagine it would be a handful.
  7. Every wowser in the land just exploded trying to comprehend 420km/h.
  8. Even at the normal price 3 russian brides would be better fun per dollar than this.
  9. I remember the good old days when even 745kW was stonking. :(
  10. i wonder how much the TC would intrude, with that much power and torque the TC would certainly have its work cut out?

    surely as mentioned it isnt possible to drive without it on

  11. agreed (y)
  12. How many of you have actually driven a 400kw plus car?
  13. I've driven a few, on both public roads and tracks.
  14. interesting. Wonder if it will work.

    A twin turbo big bastard v8 in an exige seems to go against everything lotus stood for.
  15. No kidding, in fact the more I look at the car, the more it doesnt make sense.

    If you want ridiculous top speeds, why pick a small car to start with? Id want a long wheelbase and giant wheels for stability.

    If you want a light handling car, why stick a giant TT SBC V8 in it?

    A tuned elise or exige with a lightweight race tuned V8 would make more sense
  16. Sense?
  17. Or a jap turbo/supercharged four... hang on!!
  18. pure insanity.
    i love it.
    i'll have mine in british racing green
  19. :tantrum: