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N/A | National Helping out your fellow netrider

Discussion in 'Employment' started by 87crisis, Mar 25, 2014.

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    now i'm not really sure how to word this so i'll just ramble like i always do

    i figure netrider has a vast network of riders from all walks of life so with that in mind i thought i'd give creating this thread a go and for it to be used as a base for netriders to post up some work they need done

    (be it help with house renovations or fixing a problem with a car or advice about real estate or some shit ....whatever it maybe that you feel someone in the netrider community maybe able to help you out with)

    NOW i think the safest way for this to happen without me getting my ass chewed out would be to have a very base rule - unless your registered as a vendor or have run it by mouth you do not mention your business name if you are offering help

    its also good for folks to pick up cash in hand work for both the person getting it done for cheaper and the person doing some work off the books in his spare time so all i can say is that you DO NOT discuss doing cash in hand work in this thread and take it to pm

    i think as i've laid the ground rules for not mentioning business names and getting free advertising that it should hopefully be ok that this thread can be used for people to request the help of a licensed/qualified tradesman or for tradesman to let us know that they are looking for abit of work on the weekends and where they are located and what they can help with.

    i honestly dont expect much to come of this thread but it was a passing thought a week or two back and figured it was worth giving it a go - trying to find tradies that won't rip you off can be a prick sometimes - this is very much the case when living in a rural town like i do so i figured with its vast numbers here that netriders could help each other out :]
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.