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Helping other riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by chrisco, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Left the house this morning and came up towards the main road near my house and there was a guy pushing a bike along the side of the road. Stopped and checked he was ok in the left turn section and he had run out of fuel and was walking to the servo about 1km down the road. I offered to go back home and get a can of fuel for him but he said it was ok, but I don't know if he understood properly (helmets make it hard to hear).
    I said ok and motioned that i better wait for the cars coming up beside me to pass and he must have misunderstood as he walked around and hopped on the back of my bike. I figured fair enough so I took him down to the servo and he bought a fuel can and fuel and then took him back to the bike - top box still smells of fuel :(. Most disturbing was that when stopped at lights he would put his leg down to help balance (he was quite tall). Wasn't expecting it so almost overbalanced the other way the first time.

    Anyway, my question is, would you stop and help and have you done so before?
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  2. Yes, I've stopped for a lady on a scooter. She didn't know what was wrong, but she'd called RACV to come get her. I couldn't really help much (being the mechanical twit that I am), but she appreciated me stopping and offering to stay with her if she wanted.

    A group of us stopped to try to help fix a guy's flat only a couple of weeks ago. Used the tyre puncture kit one of us had, but it couldn't be plugged unfortunately.
  3. Yes, and always, And ridden the wrecked and bent bikes of mates home because they couldnt ride a stuffed bike, They rode mine,
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  4. Have always stopped whenever there is a bike on the side of the road. Sometimes i can help and sometimes i can't but that isn't really the point. Sad thing is that people seem surprised that i have stopped.
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  5. Always.
  6. Yep, always stop. Last one I had was during peak hour on the way to work came across a Harley which looked as if it had run up the back of a car in a Bus Lane. The guy looked a bit stunned and needed help to get his bike up and off the road before a bus collected it. He was happy for me to go at that point. BIke looked rideable.
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    I've never been confronted by the opportunity but I would stop and give whatever assistance I could. This is why I carry multiple tyre repair kits in the back of my bike with CO2 cartridges, just in case someone is in need of help.

    It would be frustrating puncturing a tyre and not having the tools to fix it. Imagine if this was you and someone pulled up to help, it would make your day. :)
  8. Should've just gone about your daily errands like he wasn't even there just to see how much more awkward it could get.
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  9. Always have, always will.

    Though the last time I stopped was a little "awkward". I saw a bike stopped on the right hand shoulder of an onramp but since traffic was light I pulled into the left hand emergency lane of the highway to at least see if everything was okay. Couldn't see much of the bike/rider because of the concrete barrier, and it was only when I got quite close I realised it was a cop with a speed camera. :oops:

    Did at least save me from a speeding fine, so pulling over for other bikes is definitely good karma ;).
  10. Yep, I've stopped for bikes, cars and utes.

    Often I haven't been able to provide help. But sometimes it has been as easy as going to fetch petrol or water, helping someone change a tyre, pushing their car into a safer position, or helping them get a lost dog into their passenger seat.

    A few days ago I was the one on the side of the road needing help, and I was lucky enough to have one gentleman stop for me in his work vehicle and offer to fetch a trailer so that we could get the bike into the nearest town.
  11. Most of the rider i meet are just taking a break. The only rider i've met who was in trouble had a fuel pump issue. I offered to ride to get help, but he just bypassed the pump started the bike, thanked me for stopping and rode off.
  12. Always stopped for all kinds of riders. I've even stopped for crashed cyclists along kinglake.

    Sad thing is, when I have had a break down (twice in my history of riding), only car drivers have stopped to offer help.

    One recent incident was when the rear brake caliper on my zx6 came loose and decided to come off near paternoster road in gembrook. ultram and I were standing on the side of the road and clearly lacking of tools to put it back together. A group of harley riders passed by, didnt stop. A couple of dirt bikes went past, didnt stop.

    Harley riders dont even nod back when I nod at them. fcukers. Its funny, statistically they are a 1000000 times more likely to break down than I. Someday I'll stop and return the favour
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  13. I took heaps of breaks on a recent journey and other bikers stopped quite a few times to see if I was okay lol
    I tried to signal I was fine, but I guess some people just want to help a lot, lol

    The most helpful people were actually cagers though. One helped me get my bike working again (spending quite a few hours with it), another stopped when I put my bike down in a ditch that I didn't realise was there (about 20 other cars just passed by me, stacked on the side of the road). It wasn't bad but I was surprised most of them just drove past.

    And yeah I'll stop for other riders, if they're on their own anyway.
  14. I ride leaky old bikes, so I always have tools on me, and always stop or try to. Sometimes I'm just waved on.

    If I'm ever stopped and am just having a smoke, if it's out of the city/town, most times there are some riders will at least slow down and give me a thumbs up/down to see if I need help.

    Generally we seem to be more than happy to help, or at least make sure all is OK.
  15. I'll always stop for a bike.

    I'll only stop for a car if it's 100% safe for me to, and they look like they need some help.
  16. fcukem motorbike riders are the scum of the earth
  17. shit wrong forum again
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  18. stopped today for a guy who'd just come off his gixxer, his mates were there but stopped to see if they needed a hand. Fortunately it looked like it was mostly just a buggered wrist and cosmetic damage to his bike, and they had it all under control.

    On a side note, fairly certain reason he crashed was because of the fender eliminator on the bike - they clearly are dangerous.
  19. One bike rider was very happy one evening when I was passing by towing an empty trailer. Much to his surprise I also had a ramp and bike tie-downs on board. I loaded the bike up and safely delivered him and his broken down bike to his house and later that week he went out of his way to come into work and say thanks again. Yep, I'd do it all again.