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Helping Johnny O move this Sat

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Johnny O, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. Hi Guy's, I remember a couple of my visitors in hospital saying that they would be able to help me to move to my new house in Burwood this Sat, I have the van with hopefully Eswen driving (L plates and all) just wondering if there is anyone available for a couple of hours to do the lifting.

    I'm fully prepared to return the favour for you once I've healed up :)

    Regards, John
  2. Yeah I'm in.
  3. From what I have heard from Bren, you have a few peeps helping out which is great.
    As I said to Bren tho, Rolla and i can't help out cause we have Jaydens birthday on Saturday so will be flat out preparing for that.
    Good luck with the move guys, hope to visit the new abode soon :)
  4. Yep....count me in too.
    I have a little hatch back, might be useful for stacking a few boxs in the back if need be. :)
  5. Uhmmm, just remind her that you don't have to counter steer in the van, and you can lean all you want but it just wont help :grin:

    And yep, I will be about with the ute and a trailer.
  6. johnny and azz supervising and directing traffic??? lol

    count me in :p
  7. what time are you looking to start moving, if you guys start around 7.30 8.00 in the morning will be able to help for a couple of hours, but have my brother 21st that day too so can't hang around all day...

    shot me a pm if thats the sort of time you are looking to do it.

    cheers stewy
  8. Wow thanks guys :grin: I guess I'll ask Bren what time Sat morning is cool with him to meet at his place in Carrum Downs and start proceedings.
  9. Bren say's 9.00am at his place in Carrum Downs.

    Bren has stuff going from Carrum Downs to our new address in Burwood and I have some stuff in a storage lock-up in South Melb to go to Burwood and some small stuff like clothes in my temp accomodation in Elwood.

    Being a motorcycle racer, I don't own much, so it shouldn't long :oops:
  10. What's the plan, move Bren's place first and then your stuff Johnny? If you've got enough bodies and enough vehicles, why not start one mob out in woop woop at Bren's place and another picking up your gear from South Melb and Elwood?
  11. See ya on Sat mate. :)
  12. Yeh, I think one group in Bren's van and one group in my van, then we all have an arvo barby at our new place?
  13. i got 2 arms and 2 legs if you need
  14. guys, might be pushing a bit, will hopefully be at brendon's (or can go to south melb if you are willing to start earlier) but can only hang around for about an 1hr if thats any help, as got other committments after about 10.30.

    cheers stewy
  15. I don't want to inconvenience anyone, I appreciate any help but if you can't make it, I still thankyou for the offer.
  16. see you all at woop woop , both vans are down here so would make sense to start here , doing a few loads fri night so will put a hole in it (I have a lot of shit) . Thanks all for this , it is so typical of the Net Rider people , you all rock.

  17. muahahahahaha
  18. So where are you moving from/to so I can avoid those suburbs if Eswen is driving the van on L's :shock: :p :wink: :LOL: :bolt:

    (I'm tied up this weekend so cant offer to assist, sorry...)
  19. muahahahaha

    anyone who spots a van with motorcycle importer stuff painted all over it, with L plates... be afraid!!! :grin:

    (geeze johnny... your game :LOL: )
  20. After all, she'll will be guided by one super experienced and talented driver like myself :wink: