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Helpful Modifications for Commuters

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Twisties92, Jan 13, 2015.

  1. Hi All!

    Hope the NY is treating everyone nicely,

    I wanted to ask everybody what their most favorite mod was that made their commute to and from work each day a lot better?

    I'm aware of ez pull clutches which helps a lot of riders on those bigger bikes riding everyday and I'm interested to learn about more modifications that can help out which a comfy journey :)
  2. A ventura rack and bag.
  3. Lockable top box, best thing I ever fitted.
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  4. I'd have to say my Kriega tail bag which stores my wet weather gear.. Being in Melbourne, these past few weeks have been gnarly in terms of rain, then heat, then rain and so on...
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  5. Sounds weird, but tank grips have made my commuting a lot more comfy and less tiring. Less pressure required to maintain a firm grip on the tank which is good for the legs, and also means my upper body can relax a bit more.
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  6. Short, practically useless, mirrors.
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  7. Heated grips for winter. If you don't have them, they make the freezing cold mornings so much more bearable!
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  8. Water proof bag/luggage. Kreiga, or a dry bag (stuff sack) to use inside a ventura bag (they will eventually leak).

    Heated grips.
  9. PugslyPugsly out of interest how long do they take to heat up and how warm would you say they get?
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  10. Carabiner to hang helmet at short stops.
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  11. Not long - minute or so, and how hot they get depends on which brand you get. Usually plenty hot enough.
  12. My wife's bike has heated handgrips and it only takes a short while to heat up. But the only comfortable setting I've found is OFF, my hands sweat at the best of times without having more heat pumped in to them.
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  13. I like the cold naturally, you know shorts n t shirt in the middle of winter whilst people shiver and cower besides you..

    I as just curious , knowing my luck they'd short circuit and i'd get zapped along the freeway ;)
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  14. So you know my wife loves the heated grips.
  15. I'm looking into hand guards for my bike, should keep wind chill at bay in winter (I hope)
  16. I cooked up my own; warm in a few hundred meters, hot in maybe 3-7kms and uncomfortably hot not much further if left at full power. They have 20ishW a side at full power and smooth adjustment via a knob near the clutch. I feel like off the shelves with their fixed outputs would have upset me :smug:
    Having warm hands makes riding and especially traffic more pleasurable. I'd be pretty unhappy to be without them now, highly recommended.
  17. Muffs are the cheaper more ugly but more effective alternative to heated grips.
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  18. For a high-strung Italian v-twin.......15T countershaft sprocket......absolute joy.
  19. A pair of 118dB Hella Supertone Horns 8)
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