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Helped a down rider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tom, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Dropped my parents off at the new airport on saturday as they were going to melbourne. This also meant I got to drive my step-dad's XR6 there and back which was great. :grin:

    Anyway, I thought I would take a bit of a longer route back to mine (while I could still ride the XR6) so I went through the city.

    As I was turning left from Hindley St. onto Morphett St. (which I guess is montefiore rd) behind a few other drivers, I notice that a game rider was turning right on to the same street from the opposite direction, i.e on our path.

    As I was turning, I thought, 'jeez he's game'. The road has three lanes with myself turning into the leftmost. He was turning into the right most; though the problem was another driver infront of me that was turning left had also decided to drift into the right most lane. End result, the rider clipped the right hand side of the car and went down.

    I immediately pulled over because I though the worse. I got out and was relived to see he was up and was already trying to pick the bike up and before I could help he pulled his bike up and rolled it next to my car. Good thing there was no traffic coming at the time! The driver he collided with pulled up further down the road on the right lane (just on the incline of the bridge).

    He kept re-assuring us (the driver and I) that he was fine and it seems the most damage he did was to cut up and maybe strain his right wrist. The silly bugger wasn't wearing gloves or boots.

    Anyway I offered to be the witness to both the rider and drive and got a pen and paper out of the car so they could exchange details.

    After that the driver went off and the rider thanked me for his helped and rode off too. I was still a little shaken as seeing a rider go down isn't a pleasent sight.

    Later I got a call from the both of them asking what happened and I explained my version. It also turns out the rider's bike - a zzr250 - is now not rideable as the steering is stuffed (how did he ride it home?). He was an L plater.

    I think the rider also might want some sort of compensation like insurance as he thinks the driver didn't indicate to drift to the right lane. I didn't pay that much attention so I can't comment on that fact. But I would have thought that the driver would have had the right of way as we, the drivers, were turning left (with no sliplane) and he was turning right to join us. :?:

    Anyway, that was an interesting experience! :shock:
  2. Good to know that there poeple like you to help tom. It's always sad to hear a rider down especially a L plater. Hope everything ends up ok for everyone.