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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by boro_baba, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. ok im new to all this but im not new to the bikey scence....

    i bought my second 250RR MC22 off this guy in hampton park just ova a week ago and part of the sale was that the RWC wont cost me more than $100 if it does then the deal is automatically void regardless of the seller or buyers consent.... and he signed it ....

    a few dayz afta i bought it i started it up and im just sitting there havn a smoke while it warms up about 10 minz lata i jump on and anything past 6,000RPM would make this F*CKED up sound from the enigne took it to the mechaics and as soon is i got there the engine seized, the mechanic told me that the enigne has blown and now it would cost me around 2k for RWC... i called they guy i bought it frm and told him to gimme ma fkn money back or id take him to court...

    anywayz now to the point...

    do you guyz recon its worth wasting my time and cash on court fees and lawyers or should i just bite the bullet, cut my losses and just get a new engine put in????

    how much would it cost ruffley for a second hand MC22 enigne and how much for the labour????

    thanx in advance for the help guyz :grin: :grin:
  2. How much did you buy the bike for? Is he giving your money back?
  3. Yeah good thanks, you're new to the internet too aren't you?

    Firstly, try and place your post in the correct forum. There are several forums available, you posted your message twice and both times in the wrong forum.

    Secondly, what case do you have?

    The seller categorically stated that the bike would not cost more than $100 to make it roadworthy. You seizing the engine isn't part of the roadworthy procedure.

    Why did it seize? was it low on oil? Did you check the oil level before riding it?
    Did you test it before buying it?
    What damage has the engine suffered?
  4. firstley... sorry but this my first forum membership so i dont know wats wat...

    i bought the bike for $4.2k (he is not givn me my money back)

    b4 i pikd it up my mate told me to get him to sign sumfin dat states how much the RWC will be.... i wrote up sumfin dat says dat da RWC wont cost more dan $100 otherwise the deal is void regardless of the consent of the seller or buyer...

    the bike was low on oil and it has a blown big end!!! (ALWAYZ CHECK IT!!!!)

    i could b a smart arse and say dat yea it cannot pass a RWC unless it has a running engine (WHICH IS TRUE!!!) and to get the engine running but is it worth it??? my lawyer told me dat i have a 70% chance of winning but then again he is a LAWYER... cant trust em....

    so yea how much is it for a second hand MC22 engine ??? and how much to put it in???

    i was quoted $1250 for engine and 800 to install... is this a fair price???
  5. Typing in english also makes it easier to read fo us mere mortals.

    Translation guide for those like me who have a hard time reading MSN speak:

    sumfin = something
    dat= that
    pikd = picked
    b4 = before
    da = the
    dan = than

    i checked and couldn't find these in any dictionary close at hand (Oxford and Macquarie)
  6. That really sucks, now I know why my last 6 bikes except for 1 have all been new, I purchased a 1999 R6 which needed also about 2g spent on it, I cut my losses and traded it in on a brand new R6.
  7. If you're in VIC and you read the rego papers you'll notice that it says "Sold with RWC and rego" or "sold without rego, and plates handed in" or someting like that.

    I guess this means that if you bought the bike, ticked the "Sold with RWC" but went off to get the RWC yourself after buying the bike, you'll have to take the bill and the seller isn't liable for that. Will also make you look like an idiot when you have a bike which was "Sold with RWC" but you can't transfer rego due to no RWC... Hmmmm.

    Transfer documents will be legally binding for both you and the seller.

    Will say that I personally bought my bike with no RWC, but said that RWC was supplied. RWC cost me $300 in the end with a couple of little things and a new back tyre. I was confident that the bike wouldn't have any major issues, but one should accept that a used bike may have issues.

    If you're engine has seized, it's probably because you had no oil. Should have checked oil, coolant, tyre pressures, other basic maintanance bits before riding.
  8. iv decided to bite the bullet and just save up and fix it myself instead of suing the guy i bought it from... :(

    does any1 know how much it would be to get a new enging put in???
  9. Cut your losses and sell it for parts. You have already spend over 4k on it and could be up for another 2.

    Glad your English has improved a little.
  10. Hahah :rofl:
  11. how much would i get for it if i wanted to sell it for parts???

  12. Try a letter of demand on the guy. It may be enough to get him to go halves on the cost.

    There are people here that may be able to give you a bit of a proforma.


    Whilst it wasn't in that post, the one that gets me is "ur". What's that supposed to mean?

    I've seen it used in the context of "your". "You are" may be understandable, but using it as "your" is a basic misunderstanding of the English language. It's not even "you're".
  13. +1

    Indeed but he included a few others i hadn't seen for a few months

    I'm afraid the most common language these days should be more correctly called "Manglish"
  14. Oh, I forgot about "use". Used in the context of "you people".
  15. yea most people (people) use the "UR" as your... and "U R" as you are...

    btw ( by the way) how would i go about getting the letter of demand?!?! who do i need to see??

    please help people im running out of time!!! :(
  16. oh.. i normally seet that as "uz" ......and don't get me started on pwns/pwnt....i got banned from a forum for trying to extract an explanation of why people use these :LOL:

    was some time ago now

    sed =said
  17. UR = your
    U = you
    R= are
    U R= you are
    people = people
    PLZ= please
    BTW= by the way
    BBS = be back soon
    BRB= be right back
    LMAO= laugh my ass off
    WTF= what the F***
    CBF= cant be F***
    L8a/lata= Later
    DA= the
    DAT= that
    FFS=for F***'s Sake
    DIS= this

    Hope this helpz all y'all pplz :p
  18. A letter of demand would ideally be drafted by a solicitor, to make sure all the legal facts are correct. Should also scare the hell out of your seller.

    As said, it is a used bike and that does make you responsible for any failures. That being said some people will be kind enough to contribute to the repair costs of the bike. Although don't expect alot. (This of course depending on the character of whoever you bought the bike from)

    Had the bike failed due to a condition which the seller was aware of and did not disclose, i would say that he may morally liable (not legally) for the repairs. Also bearing in mind that it wasn't sold to you on the condition that it was mechanically sound. Only that it "Should" have been roadworthy. (Doesn't cover mechanical condition, only safety aspects)

    Bear in mind that in some cases even when say a mechanic had forgotten to put oil in the engine, they have not had to pay for repairs. (Have heard but cannot confirm this)

    I would first be going down the road of asking him personally to contribute to the repair costs (may of been his lack of basic maintainance). If you have a solicitor, I would be asking for some advice on this. They can perhaps draft a letter of demand for you. Should this fail, I would suggest that you're stuffed.

    Perhaps it's time to learn some mechanical skills, and see how cheaply you can get away with replacing the engine, or getting your existing engine rebuilt. You need to do some maths (and be realistic) about what repairing is going to cost you, and what you would loose if you were to scrap the bike. And shop around.
  19. ok..... you just slipped a few more rungs on the ladder mate...... the idea is to speak and type in English... not some hybrod netspeak language..... i look at that and think i need a new language pack for windows :?

    No wonder people need an interpreter to go to America (i believe most of this gibberish originated there)
  20. Oh Noes!!! WTF is Pwned ???