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Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Shadow200, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. Help!!
    I have just recently bought my Honda Ta200 Shadow. Twice now I have had it going, turned it off - everything off, went to start it few hours later, but of a start, and then nothing. Something seems to be draining the battery - which is brand new. Any ideas?? Nothing was left on. Confusing me....

  2. Maybe it didnt have much charge to begin with, have you actually gone for a ride to see if the battery charges up or have you just fired it up and switched it straight off? This may be your problem.
  3. I've been riding it everyday to work and back - Average 40kms. Still has be wondering.... Had problem with the first battery, which was the original, the first day we got the bike. That's why we bought the new one.
  4. Might be that the bike has a fault with the alternator or some other electrical fault. Do you have a warranty? If so go back to where you got it, if not, go see an auto electrician.
  5. Voltage regulator?
  6. My guess would be you have a problem with your alternator.
  7. Most likely culprits are the voltage regulator or the alternator, get a multimeter & measure voltage across the battery terminals whilst your motor is on and someone is holding the throttle open for you at around 2000rpm or so, shouldn’t be less than 13V.
  8. had the same problem with my old car. 2 batteries and a reco of the alternator later found it was a fuse box problem something was shorting and telling the alternator not to charge the battery cos it was full. might be that :?
  9. It sounds like a short... but they can be hard to locate. Disconnect the battery when you park it and if that solves the problem you probably have a short- check for pinched wires, stripped insulation or wet connectors (loom in headlight is a prime suspect).

    Otherwise, it's a charging circuit problem. Does the headlight go dim (or brighten with revs) after you've been riding for a while?

    Bike alternators are usually reliable but regulator/rectifiers are not. The regulator is a black box that keeps a steady voltage charging the battery even though the alternator is changing speed. The regulator usually has cooling fins on it and is a plate about as big as a matchbox or fag packet. Diagnose these with a friendly mechanic/auto electritian, and if they're duff you pretty much have to buy a new one.
  10. Sounds like the reg/rec to me. Do the simple check that Duhast describes above.
  11. Has it got warrenty?